About us

Aurum Speakers Bureau was founded as a client-centric agency – a deliberate resetting of the gold standard of service built upon the availability, empathy, and artistry of our consulting team. We take great pride in representing our catalog of the world’s most captivating speakers, but we don’t settle for admiration based on our trophies alone. We understand that engaging and booking the perfect speaker is an involved and often stressful process, but it is at the center of this process that we find ourselves in our element.

No matter you budget, topic, or venue, we work with you to narrow down a customized list of potential speakers, ensure a contracted booking, and organize the logistics surrounding the successful staging of you event. We remain by your side and ultra-responsive from ideation to realization, facilitating all negotiations and prioritizing the satisfaction of both the speaker and the client. Contact us today for you next booking. We would be honored to win you over.


Contact us using our simple online form, and we’ll respond to you within hours. Whether you’ve already decided which speaker(s) you want to hire for your event or need some ideas, the process starts here. We will be with you the entire time.

You may also choose to contact us by email at info@aurumbureau.com or by phone or WhatsApp at +34 692 048 204. Simply tell us the details of your engagement, and we’ll take it from there.