Big Data Speakers

We’re proud to present you with an elite selection of the best big data speakers from around the globe. Our portfolio is comprised of internationally acclaimed statisticians, data scientists, and computer programmers. We also represent SaaS entrepreneurs and visionary CTOs who’ve guided world-famous brands to embrace the power of big data.

There’s nothing new about the use of data within business. For years, retailers have tracked metrics like footfall, number of transactions, and average transaction values. But limited data delivered limited insights. In contrast, big data involves the collection and analysis of vast data sets. This approach offers modern ecommerce businesses an unprecedented understanding of their customers. But the potential benefits of big data reach far beyond ecommerce: Big data may one day allow for analysis of weather patterns based on sensors within smartphones, or the real-time tracking of contagious diseases. These are worthy developments, but some experts are concerned by emerging big data ethical issues: 2016 saw the controversial use of data mining and targeted political advertising within the US presidential election and UK Brexit referendum.

Will the big data revolution deliver solutions to the great issues facing humanity – or forever undermine our privacy and civil liberties? Choose from our portfolio of the world’s top big data speakers to transform your audience’s understanding of this exciting, complex, and controversial topic.

Werner Vogels

Amazon's Chief Technology Officer

Joe Weinman

Bestselling Author of Cloudonomics & Digital Disciplines. Thought Leader & Digital Strategist on Cloud Computing and Big Data

Jill Dyché

Executive Advisor and Best-selling Author

Harper Reed

Hacker, Entrepreneur, Former CTO Obama for America

Andreas Weigend

Director, Social Data Lab & Former Chief Scientist, Amazon

John Rossman

Former Director of Enterprise Services at Amazon. Author of “The Amazon Way”; “The Amazon Way on IoT” & "Think Like Amazon"

David Rogers

Speaker & Author, “The Digital Transformation Playbook” Faculty, Columbia Business School

Paul Moya

Futurist and CEO of Millennial Labs

Stephen Goldsmith

Director of the Innovations Program, Harvard Kennedy School

Kevin Mitnick

The World’s Most Famous Hacker & Cybersecurity Speaker

Peter Diamandis

Founder & Executive Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation. Executive Founder and Director, Singularity University

Ayesha Khanna

Futurist; Artificial Intelligence Expert; Philanthropist; Co-Founder and CEO, ADDO AI; Chairman, 21st Century Girls

Jason Silva

Futurist, Host of National Geographic's "Brain Games"

Christopher Wylie

Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower. Social Researcher & Data Scientist

Neil Martin

Former Chief of Strategy at Ferrari in Formula 1, Senior Strategist at Red Bull Racing and Mercedes

Taavi Kotka

Entrepreneur and first CIO for the Government of Estonia; Pioneer of e-Estonia

Steve Chen

Youtube Co-founder. Internet Pioneer & Digital Media Expert

Sugata Mitra

One of the best Educational Technology Speaker in the World; Winner of the first $1 million TED prize

Suneet Singh Tuli

Founder & CEO, DataWind. Social Innovator and Disruptor

Jeremy Gutsche

Innovation Keynote Speaker; CEO, Trend Hunter. Renowned Futurist & Award-Winning Author