Work with a Virtual Speakers Bureau

5 reasons to work with a Virtual Speakers Bureau

Virtual events and conferences have thrived by necessity while the Covid-19 pandemic keeps us from meeting in person. But the lessons we have learned about the efficacy of virtual events means that they, like virtual work itself, will retain a place in the post-Covid world. Aurum is ready to help with one of the thorniest challenges facing virtual event organizers: booking the perfect virtual keynote speaker. Here are five ways that a speakers bureau like Aurum can help you book a speaker who attracts registrants and gives your event a stirring focal point, all while saving you time, effort, and money.

1. Aurum is a One-Stop Shop for Your Perfect Virtual Keynote Speaker

Virtual events might not carry the same sorts of logistical challenges as large in-person conferences and trade shows, but they can be just as complicated to organize. You might have had your virtual keynote speaker in mind since before the planning committee’s first meeting, but can you confidently and successfully make a case for them to highlight your event?

Booking a speaker is different from anything else you’ll do toward launching a successful event. For nearly everything else—locations, technical infrastructure, registration management, the all-important schwag—you’ll be working with contractors who are ready to do business on standardized, easily understood terms. For speakers, you’ll be dealing with…a personal assistant, maybe. An agent, if you’re lucky enough to know how to approach the right one. And even then, you’ll only have earned yourself the right to find your way through an often-confusing negotiation process.

Aurum Speakers Bureau is your contractor for live and virtual keynote speakers. One call to us gives you the benefit of our years of experience and extensive roster of speakers, and one standard, easy-to-understand agreement is all it takes to secure the centerpiece of your virtual event.

2. We Can Match You with the Speaker You Always Needed…Even if You Hadn’t Considered Them

It’s natural to think of a name or two early in the event-planning process and imagine that you’ve identified exactly the speaker who’s best for your virtual event. But reality might be a bit more complex than that.

Sometimes the best virtual keynote speaker for you isn’t the most glaringly obvious one. Our team will think of angles you hadn’t considered and help you identify topics that will rouse your audience, making your keynote address the perfect focal point for your entire event. Then we’ll use our experience to recommend the speaker whose reputation, qualifications, style, and speaking topics perfectly fulfills your needs.

Ready to work with us? Take a look at our impressive portfolio of virtual keynote speakers or contact us for a tailored proposal. Not convinced yet? OK, let us give you 3 more reasons!

3. Aurum Speakers Bureau Offers Plug-and-Play Big-Name Cachet

Planning any major event is difficult enough, but at least in-person speakers don’t freeze in place. Technical difficulties including connection problems can plague any virtual event, which is why Aurum goes to great lengths to confirm that your virtual keynote speaker will be there, visible and heard, through a strong and stable connection for their entire engagement.

We work with each of our speakers to ensure that their home or studio setup is optimized for streaming. Then, shortly before the event, we conduct tests on both the streaming connection itself and the AV equipment used to transmit the speaker’s signal.

No one can predict the future. But before your keynote speaker greets your audience, it’s good to know that Aurum has taken every precaution against technical difficulties and has addressed every potential pitfall it can. You’d have done the same, if you were three people and had unlimited time. As it is, you have a steadfast partner in Aurum to make sure that every possible measure is taken before your event opens its virtual doors to ensure that its centerpiece goes off without a hitch.

4. We Handle All the Contract-Wrangling and Financial Arrangements

Booking the right virtual keynote speaker is just part of the process. Agreeing to terms that serve your event best can be a much thornier issue. Aurum Speakers Bureau can help you book a speaker quickly and easily.

We will listen to your vision for your virtual event and its keynote address, then work with the speaker you choose to deliver the experience you need. Want a Q&A session after the speech? Or a private conversation with your organization’s top officials? Would a virtual meet & greet add value for your event VIPs? We’ll move mountains to make it happen.

As a client-centered speakers bureau, we ensure that your keynote address fits both your vision and your budget. Speakers benefit from this approach, too: addressing a large audience is much more enjoyable when everyone’s on the same page. When all sides are satisfied with the contract’s terms, we’ll continue to keep things simple and also take care of all the invoicing and payments.

5. Work with a Virtual Speakers Bureau like Aurum that Can Put Out Fires in a Pinch

Even the best-planned events can go awry for reasons outside your control. A little while back, we arranged the perfect speaker for a major virtual event. The attendees were intrigued, the speaker was excited, and the event’s organizers noticed a bump in registrations after the keynote address was announced. And then it almost fell apart.

With less than 48 hours to go, a family emergency forced the speaker to cancel. No amount of persuasion was going to change things—while everything worked out just fine in the end, the speaker was facing the kind of situation that would have caused most of us to miss work for a couple of days.

After the initial shock, our client was impressed that within only a few hours, Aurum had not only one but three top-tier speakers ready to replace the speaker that couldn’t make it. When the event planner made their choice, Aurum took care of all the rest with a simple addendum to the original contract. The replacement speaker, who was a perfect match as well for the event in question, saved the day with a terrific keynote address.

That sort of thing doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s good to know that you’re in calm, experienced hands.

Contact Aurum Speakers Bureau to book your virtual keynote speaker

You have enough work cut out for you while planning your next virtual event. Work with a virtual speakers bureau like Aurum to take a bit off your plate by finding the right speaker to give your program a cohesive focal point. Simply contact us and one of our agents will reach out immediately to work hand in hand with your team in choosing the right speaker for your event and audience.

Work with us and see why Fortune 500 companies, top universities, big financial institutions, and renowned event organizers around the world alike trust Aurum Speakers Bureau when it comes to booking their top virtual keynote speaker.

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