Education Speakers

At Aurum Speakers Bureau, we’re delighted to present you with a selection of the world’s best education speakers. Our speakers are leading specialists in the field of teaching and learning. These distinguished experts bring together a comprehensive understanding of varied educational methods with compelling insights into the future of education.

It’s difficult to think of a sector more important than education: It’s education that inspires self-improvement and underpins social mobility. It’s education that builds confidence and develops self-esteem. And it’s education that arms each generation with the skills needed to overcome the great challenges of their time. But what does the future of education hold? Blackboards and textbooks are fast becoming relics as educators embrace technology in the classroom. Meanwhile, the internet has enabled a surge in distance learning, and some experts now promote home schooling as a more efficient model of education. Others believe the true value of education lies in the development of soft skills through social interactions in the classroom.

Our range of teaching and learning speakers will inspire your audience to think more deeply about this fascinating subject. Whether your event is focused on practical teaching techniques or future trends, we’re confident that we have the perfect education speaker for you.

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Yuval Noah Harari

Historian of Humankind; Author of the international bestsellers Sapiens & 21 Lessons for the 21st Century

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Kailash Satyarthi

2014 Nobel Peace Prize Winner & Child Rights Activist

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Sugata Mitra

One of the best Educational Technology Speaker in the World; Winner of the first $1 million TED prize

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Vishen Lakhiani

Education Speaker, Founder of Mindvalley, New York Times Bestselling Author & Activist

csamerica range2 Education_Speakers Human_Rights_Speakers Motivational_Speakers Nobel_Prize_Speakers Political_Speakers Speakers Virtual_Keynote_Speakers Women_Speakers

Rigoberta Menchu-Tum

Human Rights Activist and Peace Nobel Laureate

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Sebastian Thrun

Founder & CEO of Udacity. Founder of Google X

namerica range2 Education_Speakers Motivational_Speakers Science_Speakers Speakers TED_Speakers Virtual_Keynote_Speakers

Jose Hernandez

Former NASA Astronaut

oceania range2 Bestselling_Author_Speakers Education_Speakers Speakers TED_Speakers Virtual_Keynote_Speakers

Pasi Sahlberg

Renowned Finnish Educator & Scholar. Bestselling Author on Education and Educational Reform and Policies

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Eric Mazur

Balkanski Professor of Physics & Applied Physics, Harvard University Peer Instruction Inventor

africa range4 Education_Speakers Human_Rights_Speakers Speakers Virtual_Keynote_Speakers Women_Speakers

Graça Machel

International advocate for women’s and children's rights; former freedom fighter and first Education Minister of Mozambique

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Steve Wozniak

Co-founder, Apple Computer Inc.

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Mayim Bialik

Star, The Big Bang Theory & Call Me Kat. Neuroscientist and Bestselling Author

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Amy C. Edmondson

Novartis Professor of Leadership & Management at Harvard Business School. Teamwork & Leadership Expert

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Jack Andraka

Teen Inventor, Citizen Scientist, STEM Advocate, and Cancer Researcher

namerica range2 Education_Speakers Human_Rights_Speakers Leadership_Speakers Motivational_Speakers Political_Speakers Speakers Virtual_Keynote_Speakers Women_Speakers

Rosario Marín

First Mexican-Born Treasurer of the United States. Best-selling Author & Public Speaker

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Erin Gruwell

Inspirational Educator & Author of The Freedom Writers

europe range4 Education_Speakers Speakers Virtual_Keynote_Speakers Women_Speakers

Andria Zafirakou

Global Teacher prize winner 2018; Transformational Coach

europe range1 Education_Speakers Entertainment_Speakers Famous_Speakers Science_Speakers Social_Media_Speakers Speakers Virtual_Keynote_Speakers

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Digital Storyteller & Influencer with 32 Million Fans on Facebook

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Michael B. Horn

Authority on the Future of Education and Blended Learning Expert; Co-founder, Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation

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