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These are the speakers currently added to your List. You may go back to our Speakers page and add a few more that you’re interested in for your next event, or you can share the current list with your team as our system generates a unique address which you can copy to clipboard, email or print.

If you wish to know their exact availability and fees to speak at your next event, please click on “Request Availability” and fulfill the required information and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

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You don’t currently have any speakers added on your List. Add speakers that you’re interested in or that you’d like to request their availability and exact fees to speak at your next event by clicking the “Add Speaker to My List” button on their profile page.

    You can send by e-mail your selection of speakers from My List. To send the link, just fill in the e-mail address in the following field and click Send. If you want to send the list to more than one person, separate the emails with “,” like this:,, etc.

        Puede enviar por e-mail su selección de conferencistas de Mi Lista. Para enviar el link, solo tiene que rellenar la dirección de e-mail en el siguiente campo y clicar en Enviar. Si desea enviarle la lista a más de una persona, separe los emails con “,” así:,, etc.