AI Speaker Adam Cheyer

Adam Cheyer

Co-Founder Siri, Sentient & Viv Labs; Founding member of; VP AI Experience at Airbnb

Adam Cheyer, co-founder of Siri and Bixby, is a sought-after technology speaker and AI expert who has redefined our daily digital interactions. His invention, Siri, was subsequently acquired by Apple, solidifying his position as a leading innovator. As a founding member of, Cheyer also actively fosters social change, leading a platform with hundreds of millions of members.

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    Adam Cheyer biography

    Renowned for his expertise in AI, technology and entrepreneurship, AI speaker Adam Cheyer is the innovator behind Siri and Viv, leading voice assistants acquired by tech giants Apple and Samsung respectively. His groundbreaking work with Siri and subsequent role as Director of Engineering for Apple’s iOS group, allowed AI technology to reach over 1.5 billion devices worldwide.

    Cheyer’s knack for fostering technological advancements doesn’t end there. As the first developer and founding member of, the global petition platform, he has influenced positive social change among its 300 million members. Furthermore, he has an established history of driving growth in startups and big tech, including serving as the Vice President of R&D at Samsung and VP Engineering at Viv Labs and Siri.

    Beyond his AI contributions, Cheyer co-founded Sentient Technologies, focused on applying complex machine learning algorithms to solve multifaceted problems. Previously, his roles included VP Engineering at Verticalnet and Dejima, along with a significant tenure at SRI International, where he was the Chief Architect of CALO, an ambitious AI project funded by the government.

    Above all, Adam Cheyer is a distinguished keynote speaker, renowned for his deep insights on artificial intelligence and technology. His compelling talks range from exploring the impact of generative AI systems like ChatGPT on businesses, to recounting the intriguing journey of Siri, from conception to integration into iPhones. His eloquent narrative not only enlightens but also guides businesses on leveraging emerging technologies for future success.

    Beyond his practical achievements, keynote speaker Adam Cheyer is an accomplished scholar with over sixty peer-reviewed papers and twenty-five patents to his name. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University, awarded highest honors, and an outstanding master’s student award from UCLA. With his continued engagements with prominent clients, Cheyer’s contribution to the tech industry remains unparalleled.

    Adam Cheyer Speaking Videos

    Adam Cheyer - The future of Artificial Intelligence
    Adam Cheyer - Lessons from Siri

    Adam Cheyer Keynote Topics

    How is your organization preparing for the upheaval brought about by the evolution of conversational AI? Advanced AI constructs such as ChatGPT are set to cause significant disruption, similar to the Internet's impact. Capable of generating articles, responding to queries, and programming code, ChatGPT has capabilities far surpassing previous language processing solutions, with implications for professional roles and operations. In this captivating discourse by Siri's creator, Adam Cheyer, the audience will discover the potential impacts of conversational AI on business. This journey of exploration reveals the capabilities and limitations of conversational AI, and how to leverage it for business growth.

    The recent years have witnessed a rapid surge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements, leading to the development of innovative systems and applications. Today, voice commands facilitate various tasks across numerous devices, and autonomous vehicles are a reality. This discussion explores the ongoing AI revolution, encouraging a fresh perspective on AI and its implications for future-proofing your business.

    This presentation delves into the creation of Siri, from its conceptualization to its acquisition and integration into the iPhone by Apple in 2010. The backstory of Siri is intriguing, with surprising details such as Adam's development of a similar system in 1993 before the Internet's advent. Adam's decision to transform Siri from a passion project to a global phenomenon aligns with the 2007 iPhone launch.

    Adam shares his experiences and learnings from building his startups and their transition from conceptualization to realization. He offers insights into essential aspects of startup growth, such as identifying the right time to transition a hobby into a startup, selecting an optimal working environment, setting achievable goals, and envisioning success. Benefit from Adam's startup journey, beginning with Siri's inception.

    The technological landscape is experiencing a surge in intelligent interface agents like Siri, OK Google, Cortana, and Alexa. These AI agents' integration into our electronic devices extends the Internet of Things (IoT) further. Adam addresses the effects of AI interface agents and their applications across various sectors, including finance, healthcare, marketing, and customer service. This includes smart home and automotive sectors. The discussion also introduces Viv, Adam's latest AI creation touted as Siri's successor. Future scenarios reveal Viv, Siri, and other AI agents playing more integral roles in businesses and our daily lives.

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