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Adam Savage

Former Co-Host & Executive Producer, 'MythBusters'. Hollywood Special Effects Designer& Bestselling Author, Every Tool is a Hammer

Adam Savage, renowned as the inventive mind behind MythBusters, is more than just a TV personality. His bestselling memoir, 'Every Tool is a Hammer', reveals insights into his creativity, but his talents extend further into the realms of design, construction, graphic art, and special effects invention. Speaker Adam Savage has become a symbol for innovation and the limitless potential of human creativity.

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    Adam Savage biography

    Famous speaker Adam Savage is an esteemed personality in the fields of science and technology. He has become a symbol of creativity and innovation. Known as the ‘MythBusters’ star, speaker Adam Savage has dedicated his life to accumulating expertise that enables him to convert concepts into tangible reality.

    His much-celebrated book, “Every Tool’s a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It,” showcases Adam’s philosophies on creativity, problem-solving, and the pursuit of passions. The book serves as not just an insight into his over 40-year journey as a craftsman and innovator. It is also a guide to others on seeking inspiration and turning it into tangible results.

    Adam is not only a television personality but also an author, educator, and an impassioned promoter of science and exploration. When addressing audiences globally, he motivates and challenges individuals to convert their interests into tangible creations. His emphasis is on identifying personal inspiration, transforming thoughts into action, and pushing the limits of what is achievable. By doing so, he presents a set of valuable methods and strategies to attain personal and professional triumph.

    In addition to his work on ‘MythBusters,’ Adam’s speeches have become a source of inspiration to those who seek to understand the integration of creativity and technological advancement. From his early days as a maker to his established reputation as a visionary in his field, his career embodies an unwavering commitment to fostering innovation.

    Adam’s approach transcends conventional wisdom, encouraging people to look beyond the ordinary. But also to embrace curiosity, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. His unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm makes him a sought-after speaker in various fields. Adam inspires others to cultivate their creativity, follow their passion, and break down barriers that hinder growth and innovation.

    In a tech-creative world, Adam Savage’s influence inspires idea realization. Dedicated to his craft, he’s a luminary in science, technology, and art.

    Adam Savage Speaking Videos

    Adam Savage - Ground Rules for Success
    Adam Savage - How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries

    Adam Savage Keynote Topics

    An apple falls from a tree and hits Isaac Newton's head - according to the popular legend this is how Newton first thought of the idea of gravity. Although false, this story serves as a perfect example of what Adam Savage, the famous host of MythBusters will try to convey in this speech. With a lot of fun and stories, Adam will identify small events that can produce simple ideas in our minds that can eventually lead to big discoveries. Normally we push these ideas away either because of their absurdity or because they are impossible to carry out, but Adam encourages us to see that pursuing them can make fascinating scientific discoveries.

    Every problem can be faced in very different ways. Most of us would find several ways to solve it, but would be limited by our own imagination or experiences. Join Adam Savage, the famous MythBuster in this fun and exciting session where he will delve into lateral thinking and everything that this way of facing life and problems entails. Adam will show us through simple practices that many times the straightest path to get from A to B is not always the best nor the only possibility. Savage will enlighten the audience by showing how a well-trained mind can surprise us and help us improve.

    Projectionist, interior and stage designer, entertainer, graphic designer, carpenter, toy designer, welder, stage painter, actor, writer, motivational speaker ... Adam Savage has worked on all of the above during his life and has taken from each of those hats something that has added value to achieve success. In this session, your audience will know the rules that Savage sets in his projects to achieve success and why has he chosen these rules. These rules do not ensure success, but they can save us from embarking on disastrous projects or knowing when to stop when something doesn't work for us.

    Based on his latest bestselling book 'Every Tool is a Hammer', this session aims to show how Adam Savage's mind works by explaining his creative and productive process. This process is very important as it has led him to work on two of the Star Wars films and allowed him to create 14 fascinating seasons of the popular series Mythbusters.

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