Customer Experience Speaker Adam Toporek

Adam Toporek

Customer Experience Expert, Author, and Top 10 Thought Leader

An expert in customer experience and firm believer that a positive customer experience can significantly impact a company's financial performance. Speaker Adam Toporek wrote Be Your Customer's Hero, one of the most remarkable customer service-related publications available. Organizations book Adam Toporek to learn how to lead a great customer experience team, deliver top-notch customer service, the psychology of language, and paving the way for positive customer journeys.

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    Adam Toporek biography

    Customer experience speaker Adam Toporek is a renowned expert in customer experience and a successful entrepreneur with a background in retail, wholesale, franchising, and small business. With a deep understanding of the impact that customer experience can have on a company’s bottom line, Adam brings valuable insights and strategies to organizations of all sizes.

    As a speaker, Adam Toporek is known for delivering customized, actionable ideas for improving customer experience. Above all, he uses inspiration, humor, and practical tips that can be implemented immediately. He has been cited as a top customer experience thought leader in various media outlets, including Entrepreneur and Forbes. His book “Be Your Customer’s Hero” is one of the best resources on frontline customer service.

    In addition to his speaking and writing, Adam is the co-host of the popular “Crack the Customer Code” podcast, which has garnered over 100,000 downloads. When he’s not sharing his expertise, Adam enjoys working out, playing guitar, watching mixed martial arts, and spending time with his wife and two dogs in Orlando, Florida.

    He’s been featured in more than 150 publications and is frequently regarded as a major customer experience thought leader. Aside from his customer experience work, Adam also invests in entrepreneurs who use innovation to upend the status quo.

    Adam Toporek Speaking Videos

    Adam Toporek: An Incredible Story of HERO Customer Service
    Adam Toporek’s Mini-Keynote on Customer Experience Leadership

    Adam Toporek Keynote Topics

    Adam Toporek's book "Be Your Customer's Hero" offers a valuable resource for customer service teams. However, as a leader, it can be difficult to figure out how to motivate, educate, and empower these team members to provide excellent customer experiences. In this keynote, Adam offers specific insights on how leaders can guide their organizations towards a customer-centric focus. Through the 3E Leadership Framework, Adam provides practical guidance on implementing customer-focused strategies. This presentation specifically focuses on leadership in the context of delivering exceptional customer experiences, rather than a more general discussion on leadership.

    Does your team feel confident, in control, and successful when interacting with customers? Many businesses prioritize customer service, but often struggle to consistently deliver high-quality experiences. In this presentation, based on Adam Toporek's book "Be Your Customer's Hero," you can learn how to better focus on customer satisfaction. This presentation is ideal for corporate or franchise annual meetings as a way to emphasize a customer-centric approach. By drawing on Adam's expertise in frontline customer service, you can ensure that your team is equipped to provide exceptional experiences to your customers.

    What can you do to create positive emotions that lead to customer loyalty? Customer emotions play a major role in their overall experience, and frustration can significantly contribute to negative emotions. By removing sources of frustration from the customer journey, it becomes possible to create positive emotions that shape the customer experience, resulting in more favorable memories and increased loyalty. By focusing on eliminating hassles and promoting positive emotions, you can work towards building a strong, loyal customer base.

    Would your team be more effective if they were able to communicate effectively and choose the right words in any given situation? In this keynote, Adam Toporek presents research from neuroscience and psychology to demonstrate how language can be used to create meaningful customer experiences. Adam's 3P NeuroWords(TM) Process offers practical techniques for using language to improve customer experiences, employee experiences, and relationships. By learning to structure communication for maximum impact and choosing the right words, your team can become more successful in their interactions with customers and others.

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