Nobel Prize Speaker Akira Yoshino

Akira Yoshino

2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Laureate

Akira Yoshino earned a Nobel Prize for his work toward making lithium-ion batteries a commercial mainstay. He continues to refine his original design and to explore the use of rechargeable batteries in transportation and other sectors. Events devoted to green technology and scientific progress turn to Yoshino for insightful and authoritative keynote addresses.

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    Akira Yoshino biography

    Whenever you use a lithium-ion battery, you owe a little debt of thanks to its inventor, science speaker Akira Yoshino. As a keynote speaker, Akira Yoshino shares the secrets of the technologies he hopes will one day displace fossil fuels.

    After earning his BA and MA in petrochemistry from Kyoto University, Akira Yoshino went to work for Asahi Chemical Corporation. Among Asahi’s business customers were several Japanese electronics companies, which needed lightweight, rechargeable batteries to power their devices.

    Yoshino studied the problem, and adapted an earlier lithium-ion design by American John Goodenough. Replacing Goodenough’s metallic lithium anode with one made from petroleum coke, Yoshino’s design proved more stable and longer-lasting. Yoshino’s discovery was patented in 1985, and Sony released the first commercial lithium-ion battery in 1991.

    Only in 2005 did Yoshino receive his doctorate in engineering, from Osaka University. Five years later, he was named president of the Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Evaluation Center. At LIBTEC, Yoshino builds upon his previous work, developing solid-state designs for use in electric vehicles. He has also taught at Meijo University and Kyushu University.

    Yoshino won the Charles Stark Draper Prize in 2014, a portent of things to come. In 2019, he and also Stanley Whittingham shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their development of lithium-ion battery technology.

    Lithium-ion batteries show great promise as green energy sources for a wide range of applications.

    Akira Yoshino Speaking Videos

    Akira Yoshino - Lithium-ion battery and its evolution
    Akira Yoshino, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019

    Akira Yoshino Keynote Topics

    In Akira Yoshino's keynote, he discusses how lithium-ion batteries can combat climate change. He explains their potential in enabling renewable energy integration and electrified transportation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Yoshino's insights inspire action and highlight the importance of battery technology development for a sustainable future.

    In this keynote, Akira Yoshino explores advancements in battery technology for sustainable energy storage. He discusses the importance of energy storage for renewable integration and highlights emerging technologies like solid-state batteries. Yoshino showcases real-world examples and emphasizes the need for continued research and innovation to drive a greener future.

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