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Alex Banayan

#1 International Bestselling Author of The Third Door

Some bouts of teenage wanderlust send people to the nearest city. Alex Banayan’s sent him on a quest to learn the leadership secrets of the people he most admired. Seven years later, he emerged with a bestselling book and a reputation as one of the world’s youngest business experts. Events dedicated to the latest insights in leadership and strategic management put Banayan’s keynote addresses at the fore.

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    Alex Banayan biography

    Business leaders around the world flock to Alex Banayan’s keynote speeches. That’s only fair, since Banayan himself spent seven years traveling to meet and learn from the world’s most innovative leaders. As a consultant and as a riveting business speaker, Alex Banayan helps companies embrace change and uncover new opportunities.

    Toward the end of his freshman year in college, Banayan decided to leave school and learn business from the best. To fund his odyssey, he secured a place on The Price is Right, won a sailboat, and sold it.  Over the next seven years, Banayan learned from Bill Gates, Maya Angelou, Jane Goodall, Steve Wozniak, Quincy Jones, and others.

    The Third Door, a chronicle of his travels and the lessons he learned, became an immediate international bestseller. The book describes Banayan’s Third Door framework, which he has introduced to Apple, Google, Nike, and other leading corporations. Forbes named Banayan to its 30 Under 30 list, and Business Insider included him in its list of the most powerful people under 30.

    Additionally, Banayan contributes to publications including the Washington Post, Fast Company, and TechCrunch. He also appears regularly on major media outlets including Bloomberg TV, CBS News, and Fox News.

    Organisations from Apple to Nike to Harvard have invited speaker Alex Banayan to present his unique vision at their most important events.

    Alex Banayan Speaking Videos

    Alex Banayan - How to Hack Your Way Into Success at Anything
    Alex Banayan - The Third Door

    Alex Banayan Keynote Topics

    We all face rejection. We all deal with fear. Whether it’s in our personal lives or careers, there are always dozens of obstacles holding us back from achieving our biggest goals.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are certain mindsets and tools that can not only clear the obstacles along your path, but can also add rocket fuel to your success. After spending seven years researching and interviewing the most successful people on earth, bestselling author Alex Banayan’s widely-acclaimed Third DoorTM framework can help any organization achieve its goals and radically accelerate its overall success.

    In this riveting keynote, Banayan takes audiences on an unprecedented adventure, from hacking The Price Is Right to chasing Larry King through a grocery store to the multi-year quest to learn from Bill Gates and Lady Gaga. Alongside these larger-than-life stories, Banayan takes the principles from his bestselling book The Third Door and pushes them to a whole new level, making them practical and applicable for organizations of all sizes.

    This powerful presentation teaches you how to become:

    • More resilient
    • More persistent
    • More committed to growth
    • And more capable of achieving your company’s biggest objectives

    This wildly-entertaining keynote is packed with insights and lessons guaranteed to transform any organization to believe that, no matter what obstacles it’s facing... there’s always a way.

    The world has never been noisier.

    So how do you command the attention of your customers, sales prospects, or industry
    at-large? And once your have their attention, how do you transform those customers into lifelong advocates for you and your business?

    After a decade of researching the world’s most successful leaders and organizations, bestselling author Alex Banayan uncovered what the single most underrated skill is that can radically boost the growth of any company’s sales, marketing, or business development efforts.

    The secret is storytelling—but not just any kind. Banayan’s research led him to decode the keys to remarkably compelling, gripping, and emotional storytelling that can be used by businesses of all sizes to supercharge their goals. This is a specific, teachable skill set that can transform prospects into blue-chip clients and customers into evangelists, and can inject an entirely new sense of possibility into the DNA of your company culture.

    Drawing from his years of research and the international success of The Third Door’s unique narrative style, Banayan distills in this keynote how anyone in your organization—from C-suite executives to your newest team members—can use these five elements to transform your business.

    Because at the end of the day, everything in life and business comes down to a story. And it’s time your organization uses that to its advantage.

    The pace of change in the business world is faster than ever before.

    It has never been more critical to an organization’s survival for teams to cultivate a DNA of resiliency, perseverance, and solution-orientated problem solving.

    In this empowering keynote, bestselling author Alex Banayan masterfully decodes the most critical and elusive skills needed for any organization to cultivate the mindsets of exponential growth, particularly during times of rapid change and uncertainty.

    After interviews with Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, and dozens more of the world’s most innovative leaders, Banayan uncovered that there are fundamental skills that every organization needs—but that most people don’t talk about—to achieve their biggest goals during disruptive times. This keynote covers it all, with lessons including:

    • How do you transform persistence from being an esoteric word to being a living, breathing part of your day-to-day culture?
    • What are the unspoken dangers of over-persistence and how can you prevent them at your organization?
    • Why is the opposite of success not failure—and how does that shift in mindset help your employees take more risks and grow exponentially?
    • What’s the surprising difference between fearlessness and courage—and why does that critical difference lead to consistent breakthroughs in organizations of all sizes?

    If you care about elevating your business—if you care about your employees being more resilient, more courageous, and more capable of making smart, innovative decisions—this keynote is what you’ve been waiting for.

    What happens when some of the hardest-to-reach people are your prospects? How does a sales team persevere through the inevitable onslaught of rejections?

    Sometimes sales pipelines feel like pipedreams. Often weeks and months are spent on a deal, only for it to fall through at the last minute. Over time, the sting of rejection can multiply until it becomes crippling.

    After seven years of learning directly from the most successful entrepreneurs on earth, bestselling author Alex Banayan gained invaluable sales lessons from Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, and dozens more.

    In this empowering keynote, Banayan encourages teams to deploy new approaches to establishing relationships with leads so that you’re more than just another name in an inbox, from re-imagining prospect meetings to making a lasting impression. His presentation also sheds light on new frameworks to view rejections and failures, offering surprising insights on what to do next.

    Audiences come away with practical tools to apply the Third DoorTM framework to their sales process, including:

    • Finding your “Inside Man”
    • Overcoming “The Flinch”
    • Utilizing “Borrowed Credibility”
    • The surprising science of cold emails

    From Larry King’s interviewing secrets that help warm up prospects to Quincy Jones’ key to continued growth and success, this keynote is for any sales team serious about taking their results to the next level.

    What will the world of business look like thirty years from now?

    And how will the nuanced, and often misunderstood, habits of millennials and Gen Z shape your company’s growth?

    In this wildly insightful and mind-expanding presentation, Alex Banayan—who is a millennial himself and the youngest bestselling author in American history—dives deep into topics ranging from the pervasiveness of artificial reality to the automation revolution.

    Weaving in examples from an array of industries, Banayan shows us how the products that his generation is obsessed with clue us into the habits that will dominate over the coming decades. This keynote is packed with surprising lessons, including:

    • Why is the underlying thesis of Snapchat the most important indicator for what your employees most want from your company?
    • Why is Tesla’s long-term plan going to effect the day-to-day workplace culture of your organization?
    • What about Airbnb demonstrates the most concrete trend of what the spending and buying habits of millennials will look like over the coming decades?

    Whether you are a corporate executive looking to better understand your millennial employees or an investor searching for future market trends, Banayan’s keynote will provide you with the insights you want and the answers you need.

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