AI speaker Alison McCauley

Alison McCauley

Artificial Intelligence Top Voice and Founder of Unblocked Future

Speaker Alison McCauley empowers people to harness the potential of AI and guides business leaders through tech-driven transformations. As the founder and CEO of Unblocked Future, she has collaborated with AI pioneers since 2010, focusing on the intersection of enterprise and disruptive innovation. A renowned keynote speaker and author, her work has been featured in top publications, and her LinkedIn course has over 90,000 students.

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    Alison McCauley biography

    AI speaker Alison McCauley dedicates herself to empowering people to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence. As the founder and CEO of Unblocked Future, a consultancy at the cutting edge of emerging technologies, she has been collaborating with AI pioneers since 2010. With nearly three decades of experience at the intersection of enterprise and disruptive innovation, Alison specializes in deriving business value from transformative technologies by emphasizing the human aspects of change. She assists executives and business leaders in navigating tech-driven transformations, encouraging them to harness the expansive possibilities of AI. Alison clarifies the current landscape, future developments, and offers actionable advice to help her audience adapt.

    Speaker Alison McCauley aims to help humanity make the most of AI’s opportunities while promoting its ethical and responsible use. She authored “Unblocked,” published by O’Reilly Media in 2019, and is a renowned keynote speaker at global conferences. Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Venture Beat have featured her articles, and over 90,000 students have enrolled in her LinkedIn course. Additionally, she has addressed the social and ethical impacts of emerging technologies at prestigious events such as the Aspen Institute’s Ideas Festival, Columbia University’s Global Freedom of Expression, McCourt Institute’s Future of Digital Governance, and SXSW’s Social Impact Summit.

    Alison McCauley Speaking Videos

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Keynote Speaker Alison McCauley
    Being Human @ the AI Crossroads

    Alison McCauley Keynote Topics

    AI is transforming the realm of possibilities, presenting a pivotal moment for every business and its leaders. Embracing AI could secure your future, while failing to adapt may leave you irreversibly behind. However, leveraging AI effectively is challenging, as rapid innovation continually alters the landscape and introduces new complexities that many organizations find difficult to manage.

    With two decades of experience guiding business leaders through emerging technologies, Alison offers a grounded perspective on the human aspects of these shifts and actionable strategies to address them. She will demystify AI's rapid advancement and provide a comprehensive view of its transformative impact on business and society, sharing insights on long-term consequences, competitive landscape changes, and practical advice on preparing your organization for the digital age.

    In this interactive talk, Alison draws from her 30-year tech career and experiences as a mom to help you and your family prepare for an AI-driven world. Artificial Intelligence is already transforming our cultural landscape, redefining what is possible, and altering the factors that drive success. However, it also introduces new challenges, including deepfakes, disinformation, ethical issues in education, shifting job landscapes, and even questions about the essence of being human.

    AI is swiftly transforming our world, revolutionizing sectors like healthcare and education, and making the once impossible attainable. Its capabilities promise to accelerate solutions to some of humanity's most pressing challenges. However, this new era also introduces unprecedented complexities. The rise of AI prompts questions about humanity's essence, bias and ethics, the future of employment, and the integrity of our information landscape. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to critically engage with and consciously shape the direction of our digital future.

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