Andrew McAfee

Andrew McAfee

Futurist, Author, Technology Speaker and one of the Most Influential People in IT

A leader in the future of work and human-machine interaction. Speaker Andrew McAfee provides businesses in every industry with data-driven insights on current and emerging technological trends and developments. Organizations book Andrew McAfee to learn how to compete with tech giants, how to ensure long-term growth with digital transformation, the uncovering of human dysfunctions, and much more.

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    Andrew McAfee biography

    Technology speaker Andrew McAfee has extensive knowledge of how digital technologies transform the world. He’s an MIT scientist who works closely with the “alpha geeks” whose inventions are shaping the future. A number of years ago, McAfee had a career-changing epiphany when the geeks discovered how to create better businesses.

    In 2023, he will release his new book The Geek Way, where he will demonstrate what the geeks are doing to enhance the future. When it comes to geek companies, they’re far more freewheeling and fast-moving than their Industrial Era counterparts. Thus, they have emerged as a formidable force and tough competitor, disrupting industries one after another. According to McAfee, this phenomenon will continue for the foreseeable future.

    Speaker Andrew McAfee is a leader in the future of work and human-machine interaction. McAfee has positively influenced technology from the moment he released his first book “Enterprise 2.0” in 2009. Two years later he co-wrote “Race Against the Machine” with speaker Erik Brynjolfsson

    Andrew also co-wrote books regarding how technology is changing society, businesses, and industries. In 2019, Andrew released “More From Less” where he illustrates examples of environmental and economic progress. This progress was made possible by a mix of innovative technologies, public pressure, economic freedom, and smart regulation and policy.

    Using his expertise as a speaker and advisor, McAfee provides businesses in every industry with data-driven insights on current and emerging technological trends and developments. Decision-makers will find his work extremely useful. The same holds true for those in the financial sector as well as those in the manufacturing, healthcare, and government sectors. Last but not least, for companies looking for cutting-edge technologies that can improve productivity, stimulate creativity, and give them a leg up on the competition.

    Andrew McAfee Speaking Videos

    Andrew McAfee - What will future jobs look like?
    Andrew McAfee - Dematerialization: Humanity’s Biggest Surprise

    Andrew McAfee Keynote Topics

    Over the past two decades, big tech companies have innovated and experimented with the standard Industrial Era business model, creating organizations that are now dominating the global economy. How do they do it, and will the bubble burst? In this talk, MIT digital economist and data scientist Andrew McAfee, co-founder of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy, takes audiences on a deep dive into his upcoming book, “The Geek Way.” He pulls back the curtain on what makes these “geek companies” consistently strong performers, how they excel at disrupting industries, and what traditional companies can learn from their freewheeling, fast-moving, evidence-driven, egalitarian, argumentative and autonomous cultures.

    Traditional companies are being eclipsed by digital giants like Amazon and Google for one simple reason: they have figured out how to build better companies by creating a culture that consistently excels in three key areas: agility, innovation and execution. In this talk – based on his upcoming book, “The Geek Way” – MIT digital economist and data scientist Andrew McAfee, co-founder of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy, explains why these “geek companies” are consistently good in all three areas. He highlights the four norms they follow (science, ownership, speed and openness) and how they put them into practice. He then outlines how other companies can adopt geek cultures so they can better compete in the future and not get left behind.

    The key factor that drives the success of tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Uber lies in their ability to leverage a digital operating model. Traditional businesses are getting left behind as these digital giants take over the economy, says MIT digital economist and data scientist Andrew McAfee, co-founder of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy. In this talk, he explains why traditional companies must digitally transform their business if they want to survive in the new economy, how they can successfully make the transition, and what they need to do to prepare their workforce for the future.

    As we come out of the pandemic in 2021 and beyond, we’re not going back to business as usual. AI and automation are changing how we divide up tasks between minds and machines, and remote work is changing where and how we interact and collaborate. Both of these changes are just getting started, and they’ll bring massive changes. Companies, cities, teamwork, and innovation will never be the same. In this talk, Andy McAfee will provide an optimistic, action-oriented roadmap for leadership and success in the Roaring Twenties.

    Even in the age of COVID-19, MIT principal scientist and digital economist Andrew McAfee sees ways technology can lead us out of the desert and, as a researcher, he continues to identify trends and mine solutions. During this talk, McAfee will explain why and how the pandemic is unveiling opportunities by showing us what society can do without, what it needs, and outlining ways business and government can conscientiously and purposefully move forward.

    Why do some businesses fail? What factors within your organization are creating bad habits and how do you break them? Do stock values reflect the real value of a company? MIT principal scientist and digital economist Andrew McAfee studies such dynamics within organizations, economies and industries and uses his research to help leaders identify and fix problems. In this talk, he shows participants how to leave behind inefficient and outdated systems and how to shape new business models that can leverage emerging opportunities for growth.

    While AI and machines are replacing some human jobs, more often than not they are working in tandem with humans to make their jobs easier. And now that machines, robots and AI have recently graduated to a place where they can speak, listen, write, understand and even empathize, such technologies are offering up profound opportunities for growth, understanding and problem solving, creating efficiencies in systems across sectors, industries and even languages. In this talk, MIT principal scientist and digital economist Andrew McAfee helps participants identify ways they can leverage AI and machines while still addressing the problem of human job losses with upskilling, retraining, incentive programs and other humanistic solutions.

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