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Andrew Winston

Green Business Expert & Founder of Winston Eco-Strategies

A leader in megatrends and establishing businesses that can succeed by doing something good for the world. Speaker Andrew Winston is one of the world's top experts on sustainable development and is the co-author of the bestseller Net Positive, with Paul Polman from Unilever. Organizations book Andrew Winston to learn about gigatrends, innovation, and disruption. His presentations are filled with practical optimism and actionable strategies for thriving in a sustainable future.

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    Andrew Winston biography

    Innovation speaker Andrew Winston is famous worldwide for his in-depth knowledge of megatrends. He is also popular for establishing businesses that can succeed by doing something good for the world. Furthermore, he often contributes to MIT Sloan Management Review and Harvard Business Review. Andrew co-wrote his latest book titled Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More with Paul Polman. The book made it to the Financial Times’ Best Business Books of the Year list.

    Merck Chairman Ken Frazier defined Net Positive as a must-read for those who want a successful business. Sir Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington have also praised the book.

    Inc. Magazine listed speaker Andrew Winston ’s first book Green to Gold as one of the 30 books that every manager should read. In addition, Strategy+Business magazine chose Andrew’s book The Big Pivot as one of the “Best Business Books.” Furthermore, Andrew wrote “The Net Positive Manifesto” for the Harvard Business Review Magazine.

    DuPont, 3M, J&J, HP, Marriott, Kimberly-Clark, PwC, PepsiCo, Trane Technologies, and Unilever are only a few of the companies that have adopted Andrew’s view strategies.

    Andrew made it to the Thinkers50 list that selects the best management thinkers globally. In addition, he has been on The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, Time, CNBC, New York Times. Thousands of people have appreciated Andrew’s message of practical optimism. The message is about how business has the means, resources, and ingenuity to create a prosperous world. Speaking at large events such as the World Innovation Forum and TED has taken him around five continents. This has enabled him to convey his powerful message to the world’s most powerful executives.

    Andrew’s work is built on a wealth of business knowledge and education he has obtained throughout the years.

    Andrew Winston Speaking Videos

    Andrew Winston - How To Become A Net Positive Company
    Andrew Winston - The Big Pivot

    Andrew Winston Keynote Topics

    Our economy and society are healing from the pandemic, but extreme challenges remain. Business has the vast opportunity – along with the tools and skills – to profit from solving the world’s problems, not creating them. Based on his new book Net Positive – co-authored with legendary CEO Paul Polman – this inspiring talk from renowned strategist Andrew Winston will help you navigate the seismic changes sweeping through business.

    In a unique and entertaining way, Winston’s talk:
    · Lays out the critical mega-trends that are quickly redefining the role of business in society such as: a changing climate and extreme weather, wide income and racial inequality, intense resource constraints, radical transparency, the explosion of the clean economy, and rising demands from Millennials and Gen Z
    · Explores the new level of expectations of companies and how to think bigger about the challenges the company can help solve
    · Describes and unpacks the core principles of a net positive company, one that improves the lives of everyone it touches, from customers and suppliers to employees and communities, greatly increasing long-term shareholder returns in the process;
    · Shares the innovative strategies and tactics that net positive companies use create value for their business and society, including setting boundary-defying goals and working in courageous collaboration with NGOs, competitors, and governments to drive change that no single group can deliver alone
    · Inspires audiences to think about the true purpose of their business and their lives, to ask deeply heretical and innovative questions, and to connect with their customers, employees, and other stakeholders in new ways

    Net Positive explodes 50 years of corporate dogma about the purpose of business and how it profits. With bold vision and compelling stories, Winston’s talk sets out the principles and practices that will deliver the scale of change and transformation the world desperately needs.

    Andrew Winston, a globally recognized speaker and business strategy expert, lays out a new vision for profiting in a fundamentally changed world. It’s not just the future, but is here now. Andrew lays out the critical mega-trends that disrupting “business as usual”: a changing climate; dramatically cheaper renewable energy and clean technologies; global water and resource constraints; deep demographic shifts and new demands from Millennials and Gen Z; and exciting technologies, from AI to blockchain, that are transforming businesses and creating radical transparency.

    But these challenges, Winston shows, offer unprecedented opportunities: multi-trillion-dollar markets in energy, buildings, transportation, consumer products, and finance are in play. The winners of this new game will profit mightily.

    In a unique and entertaining way, Winston’s talk…
    · Offers many “wow” moments backed by surprising data and stories about the world, including about how fast the clean economy is coming;
    · Explores what powerful stakeholders – customers, employees, and the world’s biggest institutional investors – are demanding from the companies they buy from, work for, and invest in;
    · Describes the simple but profound shift – the Big Pivot – that disruptive companies are making to navigate and solve the world’s toughest challenges;
    · Provides crucial tactics and strategies for executives and managers to profit from this new, volatile reality;
    · Inspires audiences to think about the true purpose of their business and their jobs, to ask deeply heretical questions, and to connect with their customers in new ways.

    With concrete advice and stories from the companies Andrew has studied, advised, and spoken to – giants like Apple, Blackrock, Coca-Cola, Dow, Ford, GE, Nike, Tesla, Uber, Unilever, and Walmart – his Big Pivot talk provides a blueprint for creating resilient, flexible businesses and a more prosperous world.

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