Education Speaker Andria Zafirakou

Andria Zafirakou

Global Teacher prize winner 2018; Transformational Coach

Founder of Artists in Residence and winner of the 2018 Global Teacher Prize. Speaker Andria Zafirakou aims to improve the lives of young people through the power of creativity. Organizations book Andria Zafirakou to learn about her passion for being a teacher and the importance of it, and how important arts are in successfully educating children.

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    Andria Zafirakou biography

    Keynote speaker Andria Zafirakou is a teacher at Alperton Community School in Brent. She won $1 million when she obtained the Global Teacher Prize. Andria was raised by Greek-Cypriot parents in London and went to school in Camden and Brent.

    Her teaching role in Brent, allows her to work with some of the world’s most culturally diverse communities. Through the power of creativity, she aims to improve the lives of young and impoverished people.

    Andria has been a teacher at Alperton Community School for 14 years. She became Deputy Head of Art in the first year after she started. Currently, speaker Andria Zafirakou is the Associate Deputy Headteacher and oversees staff professional development.

    When Andria won the Global Teacher Prize, she used the money to start the charity Artists in Residence. This organization brings top artist residencies to schools across the United Kingdom, so kids can better learn about art. Schools in the United Kingdom can benefit from closer connections with artists and work together to create a residency program customized for each school’s needs. Not only do these residencies enable students to practice their artistic skills, but they also give them an idea of what a career in the arts might look like in the real world. These residency programs also give teachers a chance to improve their own skills and increase arts awareness.

    Additionally, Andria Zafirakou reached the top ten of The Evening Standard’s 1000 Londoners. This is a list of people who have made a significant impact in London.

    Furthermore, Andria is on the Advisory Board for the Cultural Leaders Alliance. In 2021, she won the GIWA for Arts and Culture. In April 2021, Bloomsbury published her book Those Who Can, Teach.

    Andria Zafirakou Speaking Videos

    Andria Zafirakou
    Andria Zafirakou - The greatest profession on this Earth

    Andria Zafirakou Keynote Topics

    In her inspiring keynote, Andria Zafirakou, a renowned educator and winner of the Global Teacher Prize, celebrates the power and impact of teaching, which she considers to be the greatest profession on Earth. Drawing from her own experiences as a teacher in diverse communities, Zafirakou shares stories of transformation and highlights the invaluable role of educators in shaping the lives of students and communities. She emphasizes the importance of education in creating a brighter future for individuals and society as a whole. Through her engaging and heartfelt presentation, Zafirakou leaves the audience with a renewed appreciation for the profound impact that teachers can make in the world.

    What role can arts and cultural learning play in creating a truly rich education for all children? How can we get better at understanding those benefits and ensure that evidence of what works makes its way into wider practice?

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