Innovation speaker Antony Slumbers

Antony Slumbers

Real Estate & Technology Expert; Writer on Proptech and Space-as-a-Service

Speaker Antony Slumbers has been a pioneering figure in the UK's commercial real estate sector since 1995, launching innovative online platforms and services. Today, he manages and, while providing technology-focused advice to real estate companies. A respected speaker and writer, he contributes to the industry through keynote talks and a column in Estates Gazette.

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    Antony Slumbers biography

    Since 1995, innovation speaker Antony Slumbers has been at the forefront of online development in the commercial real estate industry in the UK. He initiated the era of online commercial property interaction. He created 1the country’s first commercial property website. Over a span of 12 years, he was responsible for the design, development, and hosting of websites for a prominent real estate advising firm across the UK and Europe. In collaboration with Broadgate Estates, the real estate management division of British Land, he introduced Vicinitee, a platform designed to engage tenants and manage properties, in 2001.

    Currently, speaker Antony Slumbers oversees the operation of, a research website focused on office spaces. He also leads, a company specializing in SaaS software. He also provides counsel to real estate corporations about the influence of technology on the industry and assists them in developing digital strategies to adapt to this evolving marketplace. Antony is a sought-after speaker, giving keynotes in both Europe and the US.

    Antony Slumbers actively engages with his audience through various platforms. He maintains a personal blog where he shares his insights, and also contributes as a columnist on technology and real estate topics for Estates Gazette. His writings reflect his deep understanding of the industry and offer valuable perspectives on the ever-changing relationship between technology and real estate.

    Antony Slumbers Speaking Videos

    Antony Slumbers - Space as a Service
    Antony Slumbers

    Antony Slumbers Keynote Topics

    Antony Slumbers coined the term "Space As a Service" in 2014. In an age where we are transitioning from Products to Services, and from Ownership to Access, with the expectation of on-demand availability, the demand for real estate to follow suit is inevitable. Drawing on his years of evangelizing for this concept, Antony will explore the significant implications this shift has on the commercial real estate industry, providing insights into a future where spaces are not just owned but accessed as needed.

    Antony Slumbers presents an eye-opening exploration into the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the realm of real estate. Acknowledged as possibly the most vital technology of the next decade, AI is poised to revolutionize the entire business world, disrupting value chains, transforming the nature of work, and leading to the destruction and creation of countless jobs. Within this context, Antony will shed light on how AI will fundamentally change the nature of demand for real estate.

    Many businesses find themselves discussing innovation right up until the moment their profit margins are eroded by another's innovation. However, as Antony will demonstrate, innovation isn't a mystical art; there are tangible steps organizations can take to spark innovation from within. Emphasizing the importance of process in innovation, he will share insights such as "No process = no innovation," exploring how even inspiration can spring from well-defined procedures.

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