Entrepreneurship Speaker Arturo Elias Ayub

Arturo Elias Ayub

Director of América Móvil, Fundación Telmex and UNO TV; Investor judge in 'Shark Tank Mexico'

Speaker Arturo Elias Ayub, a distinguished figure in the Mexican business sector, serves as the Director of América Móvil and the Telmex Foundation, and is also the head of UNO TV. His expertise in entrepreneurship is showcased through his role as an investor judge on the popular show 'Shark Tank Mexico'​

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    Arturo Elias Ayub biography

    Business speaker Arturo Elias Ayub is indeed a well-known Mexican businessman and philanthropist. His involvement in the business sector includes significant roles such as the Director of Strategic Alliances at Teléfonos de México (Telmex) and CEO of the Telmex Foundation. Ayub’s education background includes a degree in Business Administration from Universidad Anáhuac and a postgraduate course in Business Management at IPADE.

    In addition to his corporate roles, Ayub has made a notable impact in the sports world, particularly through his chairmanship of the Club Universidad Nacional, a leading Mexican football team. His tenure at this club was marked by significant successes, including a double championship in 2004.

    Furthermore, Speaker Arturo Elias Ayub ‘s participation in the television program Shark Tank Mexico significantly boosted his popularity. He appeared on the show since its inception in 2016 and became one of its well-recognized figures. His presence on the show underscored his role as a key influencer in the Mexican business community, particularly in the context of entrepreneurship and innovation.

    He was President of the Pumas UNAM football team, winning a double championship in the Mexican League and the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy. During his tenure as an executive at Club León, the team won the Apertura 2013 and Clausura 2014 Tournaments.

    Thus, Ayub’s career is indeed a blend of corporate leadership, philanthropic efforts, and media presence, making him a prominent figure in both the business and social landscapes of Mexico​.

    Arturo Elias Ayub Speaking Videos

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    Arturo Elias Ayub Keynote Topics

    Explore the ways in which Arturo Elías Ayub has been a driving force for innovation at Telmex and various other ventures. Gain insights on how to implement cutting-edge strategies in your own business and seize emerging opportunities.

    Delve into the key entrepreneurial insights and success strategies that Arturo Elías Ayub has garnered from his experiences on "Shark Tank Mexico". Learn about the effective ways to craft and evolve groundbreaking ideas that not only attract investors but also resonate with customers. This exploration will provide a deeper understanding of how to navigate the complex world of business innovation and investment.

    Drawing from his tenure as the president of Club Pumas, Arturo imparts valuable insights into distinctive leadership and team dynamics. He emphasizes the importance of leading with enthusiasm and guiding your team towards achieving success.

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