AI Speaker Babak Hodjat

Babak Hodjat

CTO AI at Cognizant and Co-Founder and CTO Sentient Technologies

Speaker Babak Hodjat played a foundational role in establishing Sentient, serving as its chief scientist and spearheading the primary technology that drives the globe's most expansive distributed AI platform. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Babak has been the driving force behind several pioneering ventures in Silicon Valley, boasting 25 patents, either approved or awaiting approval. He's notably recognized for his significant contribution to Dejima's unique agent-driven technology, which is used in smart interfaces for both mobile and business computing, and is the foundation for Apple’s voice assistant, Siri.

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    Babak Hodjat biography

    Speaker Babak Hodjat holds distinguished roles as the co-founder, CEO, and chief scientist of Sentient Technologies, the architects behind the world’s most formidable distributed AI framework. With a knack for innovation, Babak has been the creative force behind numerous ventures in Silicon Valley, pioneering as the main inventor and technological visionary. He receives acclaim for designing the technology behind Apple’s voice assistant, Siri.

    Previously, AI speaker Babak Hodjat steered the mobile solutions engineering team at Sybase iAnywhere in the capacity of senior director of engineering. Even before this role, he co-founded Dejima Inc., serving as its CTO and board member. At Dejima, he was instrumental in developing its unique agent-focused technology, which paved the way for smart interfaces in mobile and enterprise solutions, a cornerstone for Siri.

    vA recognized thought leader, Babak has penned numerous scholarly articles spanning artificial life, agent-centric software design, and expansive AI. His inventive prowess is evident in his portfolio of over 30 patents, either secured or in the pipeline. With a deep reservoir of knowledge and passion, Babak enlightens audiences about the evolving landscape of AI, delving into the implications of natural language processing, machine learning, genetic algorithms, and broad-scale AI on future business dynamics.

    Babak Hodjat Speaking Videos

    Babak Hodjat - The Future of Artificial Intelligence
    Babak Hodjat - It's A Good Time To Be In AI

    Babak Hodjat Keynote Topics

    Dive into a visionary exploration with Babak Hodjat as he unveils the potential of artificial intelligence in reshaping the business landscape. Discover how AI-driven innovations will influence decision-making, customer experiences, and operational efficiencies in the corporate world.

    Embark on an insightful journey with Babak Hodjat as he shares hard-earned wisdom from the heart of the tech world's epicenter. Uncover the secrets of Silicon Valley's startup successes, learning practical strategies and tactics to navigate the entrepreneurial terrain effectively.

    Join Babak Hodjat for a deep dive into the evolution and impact of voice technology, particularly focusing on systems like Apple's Siri. Understand the potential of voice recognition and AI-driven conversational interfaces in transforming business operations, enhancing user engagement, and crafting more intuitive customer experiences.

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