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Ben Hammersley

Global Digital Leader, Futurist, Host of Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley. Former Editor of WIRED magazine

An expert futurist with a pragmatic and proactive attitude to the digital age. Former editor of WIRED magazine and TV host, Ben Hammersley is a global reporter, author, and adventurer who studies the impact of digital technology on business, politics, and society around the world. Organizations book Ben to learn about skills that future leaders need, what the post-digital world will look like, sustainable leadership in the digital era, cognitive risk and the nature of threat, AI, and virtual reality.

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    Ben Hammersley biography

    Futurist speaker Ben Hammersley is the founder of Hammersley Futures and Agathonic.AI. With over 15 years of experience teaching to audiences worldwide, he is considered an expert in the field of future research. Ben has a pragmatic and proactive attitude to the digital age. He motivates people to be present in the present in order to be ready for the future.

    He is a global reporter, author, and adventurer who studies the impact of digital technology on business, politics, and society around the world. Additionally, speaker Ben Hammersley wrote the book 64 Things You Need to Know Now for Then. The book provides us with an indispensable guide to everything we need to know about life in the twenty-first century.

    On Cybercrimes, he examines how hacking could threaten the world. Modern cybercriminals are working as enterprises with personnel. As the Times and the Guardian’s first dedicated online correspondent, Ben coined the term “podcast.”

    Ben served as WIRED’s Editor-at-Large, where he advised three governments and several organizations, including the European Commission High Level Group on Media Freedom in the EU. As the founder of Hammersley Futures, he claims that the future is not just a product of disruptive technology, singular innovative visionaries, or megatrends.

    Ben believes we will be spending our lives in a place that is the result of a complex web of interconnected changes that have occurred in every corner of the world. Hammersley Futures wants to assist leaders in dealing with future challenges and uncertainty. To that end, the company intends to develop the tools and techniques that these leaders will require.

    Ben Hammersley also founded Agathonic.AI to develop cognitive technology. This technology will help people discover new knowledge. It will also help them synthesize possible futures and make non-linear decisions in secretive scenarios.

    Ben Hammersley Speaking Videos

    Ben Hammersley - Training To Fight The Robots
    Ben Hammersley - How to predict the future

    Ben Hammersley Keynote Topics

    We all know the world is changing. And many can give examples of the technologies or trends that are contributing to that change. But that is not the whole picture. In this topic, we teach audiences about the skills, techniques, and cognitive tools that leaders need to both understand those changes, and shape their own future. Ideal for executive learning and development programs, or thought-leader positioning customer events, these keynotes are consistently rated as life-changing, with plenty of actionable take-aways for the audience. This topic also extends well into subsequent break-outs and workshop sessions, which can be provided.

    In the fast-paced world of the 2020s, change, disruption, and innovation are reshaping our culture, systems, and politics at an unprecedented pace. Many of our clients, however, still hold outdated or incomplete mental models of this interconnected and networked world. In this engaging topic, we provide a comprehensive overview of the modern world, exploring how it impacts businesses and personal lives. From examining youth culture in Brazil and high-speed rail in China to Russian foreign policy and non-human corporations, from weaponized memetic infections to European nationalism, and from climate mitigation to shadow economies, we delve into the intricacies of today's world. This eye-opening session is particularly relevant for c-suite audiences and has been well-received at evening events with partners and spouses. Join us to gain a true grounding in today's reality, which is essential for effective planning and preparation for tomorrow.

    We are all bringing yesterday’s war to today’s battlefield. In the modernity of 2020, we have a profound misunderstanding of the nature of geopolitical, commercial, and personal threat. It isn’t kinetics that will get us, but confusion. The post-modern asymmetric reaction to the extreme commercial and military hegemony of the West, or the quasi-Monopoly power of the large corporation is no longer one of physical violence, but of memetic infection, and purposeful, weaponised, confusion. For these audiences, leadership, and strategy, is the art of making the best decisions with the knowledge available. But making those decisions requires accurate data, clear analysis, accurate thinking, without interference. In this talk we detail the ways that the final line of risk is the individual executive’s ability to think clearly, how this is under specific targeted attack, and how to defend against that. This topic is of deep interest to multinational top tier executives, or those being shaped into becoming so. It can also include follow-up reading, and online sessions.

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