Motivational Speaker Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard

Founder and Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation; Serial Explorer; Psychiatrist; Ambassador for clean technologies

Bertrand Piccard is a pioneering explorer and advocate for environmentalism through profitability. He founded the Solar Impulse Foundation and seeks to encourage political action to protect the environment and reduce inequalities. Bertrand's efforts have led to the identification of 1000 environmentally friendly and profitable solutions to protect the planet.

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    Bertrand Piccard biography

    Motivational speaker Bertrand Piccard ‘s lineage of explorers who conquered the stratosphere and abysses has inspired him to achieve the impossible. He has made history by accomplishing two aeronautical firsts – a non-stop balloon trip around the world and, more recently, a solar plane journey without fuel.

    Bertrand’s advocacy for renewable energies and clean technologies in the early 2000s led to the creation of Solar Impulse, a platform that promotes environmentalism by prioritizing profitability. As a psychiatrist and explorer, he is considered a forward-thinking leader on innovation and sustainability by many influential institutions.

    He founded the Solar Impulse Foundation, which has identified 1000 environmentally friendly and profitable solutions. Bertrand plans to showcase these solutions to decision-makers worldwide during a third round-the-world tour.

    Speaker Bertrand Piccard is also an advocate for eradicating Noma, a disease associated with malnutrition and poor hygiene that affects those living in extreme poverty. He seeks to develop synergies and unite forces to highlight solutions and encourage political action to protect the environment and reduce inequalities.

    Bertrand is also a prominent speaker and writer who shares his experiences and ideas with others, inspiring younger generations. Additionally, he is currently the United Nations Ambassador for the Environment and a Special Advisor to the European Commission.

    Bertrand Piccard Speaking Videos

    Bertrand Piccard - Around the World and Beyond
    Bertrand Piccard's solar-powered adventure

    Bertrand Piccard Keynote Topics

    Bertrand Piccard's pioneering spirit and accomplishments in aeronautics, including the first non-stop balloon trip around the world, demonstrate that adventure is a state of mind. In this topic, we explore the metaphor of the round-the-world balloon flight and how it embodies the human drive to go beyond the obvious and achieve the impossible.

    Bertrand Piccard's background as a psychiatrist and explorer has shaped his approach to team spirit and the psychology of communication. In this topic, we delve into Bertrand's insights on how to cultivate a successful team dynamic, the importance of effective communication in high-stress environments, and the role of leadership in fostering collaboration and innovation.

    Bertrand Piccard's experiences as an explorer and psychiatrist have given him unique insights into managing stress in high-pressure situations. In this topic, we explore Bertrand's strategies for coping with stress, including mindfulness techniques and mental reframing. We also examine how these approaches can be applied to everyday life, helping individuals navigate stressful situations with greater resilience and clarity.

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