Blockchain speaker Bettina Warburg

Bettina Warburg

Web3/blockchain early-stage investor, speaker, and advisor

Speaker Bettina Warburg is a leading investor, researcher, and speaker on Web3, blockchain, and emerging technologies. Her ability to simplify complex concepts has made her explanations foundational for university programs and major conferences, while her influence extends globally through prestigious events and respected publications. Bettina's expertise continues to shape the discourse surrounding Web3 and blockchain, establishing her as a thought leader in the field.

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    Bettina Warburg biography

    Technology speaker Bettina Warburg is a prominent figure in the fields of Web3, blockchain, and emerging technologies, renowned as an investor, researcher, and speaker. Her ability to simplify and clarify complex topics has made her explanations foundational for university programs, executives, and major conferences.

    Speaker Bettina Warburg remains actively engaged with both established Layer 1 teams and up-and-coming crypto-native entrepreneurs, contributing to the evolution of our technology stack. Additionally, Bettina provides advisory services to select companies seeking to integrate Web3 tools and supports entrepreneurs shaping its future. Notably, she was among the first to address global audiences on blockchain through platforms like TED and WIRED magazine, reaching millions with her insights.

    Bettina’s influence reaches prestigious events such as the World Government Summit, DLD Munich, IBM Think, and others, while respected publications worldwide have cited her work. As an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas School of Information and co-author of notable publications like “Asset Chains” and “Basics of Blockchain,” Bettina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her roles. Herexpertise and insights continue to shape the discourse surrounding Web3 and blockchain technology, solidifying her reputation as a thought leader in the field.

    Prior to her current endeavors, she co-founded Warburg Serres, a venture capital fund, and Animal Ventures, a strategic advisory firm focused on emerging technologies.

    Bettina Warburg Speaking Videos

    Bettina Warburg - Web3 and the Road Ahead
    Bettina Warburg - How the blockchain will radically transform the economy

    Bettina Warburg Keynote Topics

    Bettina Warburg demystifies the future of technology with an insightful exploration of blockchain, AI, and IoT. Discover how these transformative forces are shaping Web3 and revolutionizing our digital landscape.

    Bettina Warburg sheds light on the intersection of artificial intelligence and Web3, offering a compelling vision of the future. Gain invaluable insights into how these dynamic technologies are reshaping industries and driving innovation.

    Explore the decentralized economy of tomorrow with Bettina Warburg as your guide. Learn how blockchain, AI/ML, and IoT are redefining commerce, finance, and governance, and discover the opportunities and challenges of this new era.

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