Architecture Speaker Bjarke Ingels

Bjarke Ingels

Visionary Architect; Founder of BIG

BIG Group founder and Wall Street Journal's Innovator of the Year Awardee. Speaker Bjarke Ingels is an expert when it comes to building designs that are imaginative, groundbreaking, and budget-conscious. Organizations book Bjarke Ingels to learn about building sustainable cities that adapt to climate change, and anything related to innovative design.

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    Bjarke Ingels biography

    Book speaker Bjarke Ingels is the founder of BIG Bjarke Ingels Group. Before starting this company, he co-founded PLOT Architects. In addition, Ingels worked at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam.

    Bjarke has established his reputation thanks to building designs that are imaginative, groundbreaking, and budget-conscious.

    Bjarke Ingels has obtained various honors and awards, such as The Innovator of the Year Award by the Wall Street Journal. He obtained the Golden Lion in 2004. In 2011, he received Culture Prize from the Danish Crown Prince. Bjarke was listed in TIME Magazine as one of 100 of the world’s most influential people in 2016.

    Speaker Bjarke Ingels holds an architectural practice alongside his work as a professor. He taught at several universities such as Yale, Harvard, Rice, and Columbia. He has made several public appearances, including at AMCHAM, WIRED, 10 Downing Street, the World Economic Forum, and TED.

    In 2009, Ingels, Lars Larsen, and Jens Martin Skibsted co-funded an innovative design group called KiBiSi. This group designed furniture, bicycles, household items, and aircraft. It also became one of the top influential design groups in Scandinavia. During Ingels’ Danish Pavilion at EXPO 2010, KiBiSi designed the furniture.

    Ingels wrote his first book titled Yes Is More: An Archicomic on Architectural Evolution. The book listed 30 of his practice’s projects. He later wrote Hot to Cold: An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation, showing 60 case studies on how people live.

    The LEGO House in Billund, Denmark, was designed by BIG. The company also designed the Danish Maritime Museum. Furthermore, BIG designed the Smithsonian Institution’s new south campus in Washington, DC.

    In 2015, Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick started work Google’s new headquarters in California. Bloomberg Businessweek described the design as an extremely ambitious initiative launched by Google.

    In 2016, Ingels began working for the Hudsons Yard project.

    Bjarke Ingels Speaking Videos

    Bjarke Ingels - Architecture should be more like Minecraft
    Bjarke Ingels - Floating cities, the LEGO House and other architectural forms of the future

    Bjarke Ingels Keynote Topics

    Design gives form to the future, says architect Bjarke Ingels. In this worldwide tour of his team's projects, journey to a waste-to-energy power plant (that doubles as an alpine ski slope) and the LEGO Home of the Brick in Denmark -- and catch a glimpse of cutting-edge flood resilience infrastructure in New York City as well as an ambitious plan to create floating, sustainable cities that are adapted to climate change.

    In this talk, renowned speaker Bjarke Ingels, founder of BIG, will discuss contemporary architecture and will present compelling arguments for why it should resemble the architecture seen in the popular game Minecraft. The widely-played multi-platform game allows any player to create spaces and structures from scratch using a stackable square format, making it simple and stable. These are the principles upon which Bjarke bases his hypotheses and draws parallels with modern architecture.

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