Futurist Speaker Brett King

Brett King

Strategic Financial Advisor, Banking & FinTech Expert and Best Selling Author of Augmented and Bank 4.0

Brett King, a renowned futurist, bestselling author, and media personality, has made a significant impact in the field of financial technology and innovation. As the founder of Moven, a groundbreaking mobile bank account available in multiple countries, and the host of the world's first and top-rated radio show on financial technology, "Breaking Banks," Brett has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. He has advised governments, regulators, and bank boards worldwide, and his works have been translated into multiple languages, making him a highly influential figure in the global financial services industry.

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    Brett King biography

    Keynote speaker Brett King is a famous futurist, media personality, and bestselling author. He has extensive expertise in the future of technology, business, and society. President Xi Jinping referred to Brett’s book Augmented when discussing the future of AI. Brett King’s speaking events have taken him to over 50 countries, including TED conferences, giving keynote speeches at Wired, Singularity University, Techsauce, Web Summit, The Economist, and more. In addition to CNN and CNBC, he has been a commentator on the BBC, ABC, and Fox. In the past, he advised the Obama administration on Fintech policy. He also consults with regulators and bank boards worldwide on how technology is transforming today’s financial services.

    King is the host of “Breaking Banks,” the world’s first and top-rated radio show on financial technology. Speaker Brett King founded Moven, a start-up that offers the world’s first mobile, downloadable bank account. This is currently available in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Tanzania.

    Banking Exchange magazine labeled Brett “King of the Disruptors,” and The Australian newspaper called him the “Godfather of Fintech.” In 2012, American Banker gave King the Innovator of the Year award. The Financial Brand has nominated him the world’s #1 Financial Services Influencer. Moreover, Bank Innovation named King as one of the top 10 “coolest brands in banking.” Brett was on the shortlist for the Advance Global Australian of the Year Award in 2015. This was due to him being one of the most influential Australians working and living abroad. His works have been translated into more than a dozen languages. King has written two bestsellers entitled Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane and Bank 4.0.

    His book The Rise of Technosocialism talks about a post-Coronavirus world and will be out in October/November 2021.

    Brett King Speaking Videos

    Brett King's view of Recovery Stage post-pandemic
    Brett King - Bank 4.0 and the Future of Financial Services

    Brett King Keynote Topics

    A decade ago, it would have been unimaginable that electronic transactions would make up 90 percent of daily transactions, that Internet banking would surpass branches in revenue, that social media would become a driving force for branding, and that mobile banking would disrupt the traditional dominance of branch banking. Brett King explains:

    • Why customer behavior is so rapidly changing, including the four phases of disruptive change.
    • How branches must evolve
    • Why checks are rapidly disappearing and cash is next
    • Why your mobile phone will replace your wallet in the next 2-3 years
    • How financial institutions must reinvent themselves or become irrelevant.

    Brett King delves into the cutting-edge trends that are reshaping the landscape of financial services and payments. He explores the race for supremacy in the mobile wallet arena on a global scale, the transformative impact of tablet computing, the operationalization of cloud technology, and the explosive growth of social media. He explains:

    • How Social Media has exposed pricing, over-regulation, outdated processes and poor policy
    • How mobile technology is completely changing the context of banking
    • How customer advocacy is killing traditional brand marketing
    • The growth of the ‘de-banked’ consumer who doesn’t need a bank at all
    • Why Banking is no longer a place you go, but something you do.

    In his captivating keynote speech, Brett King delves into the future of the mobile wallet and its implications for traditional bank accounts. With a significant portion of the global population still unbanked, the widespread availability of mobile phones and the growing prevalence of prepaid "value stores" raise the question of whether banks will remain relevant in the future.

    King examines scenarios where salaries are paid directly to mobile phones, iTunes accounts function as prepaid debit cards, and social media platforms like Facebook facilitate money transfers, challenging the traditional role of banks and their ability to compete in the evolving financial landscape.

    In this thought-provoking session tailored for marketers and digital channel experts, Brett King delves into the transformative impact of social media, mobile marketing, daily deals, geo-location, advocacy, gamification, and behavioral psychology on the rules of engagement for financial service brands. He discusses how this shift necessitates redefining marketing strategies, establishing new metrics, developing personalized propositions, and fostering open brand dialogues.

    The implications of these changes are far-reaching, requiring organizations to rebuild their marketing teams and adapt to the evolving landscape of customer engagement in the financial services industry.

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