Diversity and Inclusion Speaker Briana Scurry

Briana Scurry

Legendary U.S. Goalkeeper & Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion. Diversity and Inclusion Speaker

Speaker Briana Scurry, celebrated as one of the world's top female soccer goalkeepers, played a pivotal role in advancing women’s professional soccer and has 173 international appearances to her name. As one of the first African American professional female soccer players, she not only diversified the sport but also championed LGBTQ+ representation. Her storied career, marked by Olympic gold medals and a key role in the 1999 FIFA World Cup victory, culminated in her induction into the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 2017.

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    Briana Scurry biography

    Speaker Briana Scurry, an expert on diversity and inclusion, and a top-tier goalkeeper in women’s soccer globally. She played a pivotal role in establishing standards for women’s professional soccer, boasting a remarkable 173 international games. As an early African American figure in professional female soccer, her contributions have enriched the sport’s diversity.

    Speaker Briana Scurry channels her experiences of overcoming adversity to enlighten audiences about teamwork, determination, concentration, and leveraging individual prowess. Being among the earliest African American female soccer professionals and one of the few openly LGBT players, her talks resonate with themes of diversity, surmounting hurdles, and chasing one’s passion.

    She began her journey as the primary goalkeeper for the U.S. women’s national soccer team in 1994. She was guiding the team to numerous victories, including two Olympic golds. Her defining moment came during the 1999 FIFA World Cup championship game. Her remarkable save during the shoot-out clinched the victory, turning the tide for women’s soccer in America.

    In 2001, she was among the pioneering women in a professional soccer league. Braian was leading as the captain of the Atlanta Beat and participating in two WUSA championships. Her active career concluded in 2010 due to a severe head injury, propelling her to become an advocate for concussion awareness, even testifying before Congress on the matter.

    Scurry’s remarkable contributions earned her a spot on the U.S. Soccer All-Time Best XI National Team and a display at the National Museum of African American History & Culture’s Title IX exhibit. In 2017, the National Soccer Hall of Fame inducted her.

    With the distinction of being one of the pioneering African-American and LGBT players in soccer, Scurry’s journey exemplifies resilience and success amidst challenges.

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    Briana Scurry Keynote Topics

    Over the course of her legendary career in soccer Briana had to overcome innumerable obstacles. She parallels the hurdles she faced in her athletic career with real life challenges many professionals experience, sharing tools for success that are just as applicable in the boardroom as they were on the soccer pitch.

    — Overcoming Obstacles
    — Motivation and Inspiration
    — Succeeding Under Pressure
    — Team Building
    — Racial Equality

    Briana’s journey has given her a unique perspective, as one the first African American professional female soccer players and one of the only openly LGBT players in the league. Briana is an excellent person to have speak on diversity as well as overcoming obstacles to achieve your dream.

    — Diversity
    — LGBT Issues
    — African American Issues
    — Motivation and Inspiration
    — Racial Equality

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