Innovation Speaker Charles Elachi

Charles Elachi

Former Director of the NASA and Cal Tech Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Featured on National Geographic magazine due to employing satellite data to seek ancient trading routes and hidden cities. Speaker Charles Elachi had an essential role in defining and developing several Jet Propulsion Laboratory missions and flight instruments. Organizations book Charles Elachi to learn about earth and climate change monitoring from space, planetary and space exploration, innovation, and successfully managing high tech organizations.

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    Charles Elachi biography

    Keynote speaker Charles Elachi works at the California Institute of Technology as Electrical Engineering and Planetary Science’s Professor Emeritus. In the past, he served as Director of the California Institute of Technology and the Director of Jet Propulsion Laboratory. While working at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the research center launched 24 missions.

    During his 40 year tenure at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Charles Elachi led the creation of the spaceborne imaging radar’s field.  As a result, SIR-A, SIR-B, SIR-C, Seasat, SRTM, Magellan, and the Cassini Radar were created. Speaker Charles Elachi obtained several national and international awards thanks to his work in spaceborne imaging radar. 

    While serving as the Space and Earth Science programs’ Director in the ’80s, Dr. Elachi had an essential role in defining and developing several Jet Propulsion Laboratory missions and flight instruments for the Origins program, Solar System Exploration, Astrophysics, and Earth Observation. 

    Later in the ’90s, Charles led many international and national committees. These committees created the NASA roadmaps needed in order to explore our Solar System, nearby Solar Systems, and Mars. Several archaeological excursions conducted by Dr. Elachi have been on National Geographic magazine due to employing satellite data to seek ancient trading routes and hidden cities.

    Dr. Elachi has obtained several awards, one of which is the Aviation Week Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. In addition, he received the 2016 RNASA National Space Trophy. He also obtained the 2016 IAF Allen D. Emil Memorial Award. Charles Elachi is an IAA member and an AIAA fellow.

    Charles Elachi Speaking Videos

    Dr. Charles Elachi - The intersection between art and science
    A Conversation with Dr. Charles Elachi

    Charles Elachi Keynote Topics

    Delve into the intricacies of the Mars missions, detailing the challenges faced, innovations developed, and the importance of Martian exploration for the future of humanity.

    Gain insights into the leadership dynamics and challenges at NASA's JPL, emphasizing the collaborative spirit, innovative approaches, and dedication required to explore the frontiers of space.

    Understand the pivotal role of satellites in monitoring Earth's climate, the technologies employed, and how this information is critical in the fight against global climate change.

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