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Chris Skinner

Top Expert on Fintech. Bestselling Author, Digital Bank, Digital for Good & Digital Human

Named Financial Markets Advisor of the Year and the Game Changer of the Year by Finance Monthly. Speaker Chris Skinner is an expert in digital transformation and Fintech, as he worked closely with financial institutions such as China Merchants Bank, BBVA, ING, DBS, & JPMorgan Chase. Organizations book Chris Skinner to learn about the future of banking, fintech, and how digital technologies will improve the world.

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    Chris Skinner biography

    Finance speaker Chris Skinner is a leader in technology. In addition, he is an expert in fintech and financial markets, sharing his knowledge on his blog He is also a bestselling author, and his latest book, published in June 2022, is Digital for Good. Above all, it is a collaborative book that discusses the role of banking in addressing social and environmental issues, the use of technology to promote equality and inclusion, the latest developments in cryptocurrencies, and the importance of purpose in business through interviews and chapters from leading authorities around the world.

    Chris loves sharing the digital transformation knowledge he acquired by dealing with major financial institutions. These institutions include China Merchants Bank, BBVA, ING,  DBS, and JPMorgan Chase. Blockchain and mobile technology are reshaping the financial industry to create a “web of value.”

    Banks had to go digital to keep up with the rapidly evolving internet of value. Because of this, Chris wrote the best-selling book Digital Bank. Speaker Chris Skinner offers a thorough assessment of the digital banking war and competitive strategies for businesses. Additionally, he published Digital Human in March 2018, where he expands on these two concepts and focuses on digitalization in general.

    He is the CEO of Finanser Ltd,  a company that focuses on the future of finance and FinTech.  Additionally, he serves as Chair of Nordic Future Innovation. Chris is also a Non-Executive Director of 11:FS. 

    Finance Monthly named Chris the Financial Markets Advisor of the Year and the Game Changer of the Year. Chris has also obtained several other rewards, including those from TMT global and CV Magazine. His clients’ portfolio includes the World Bank, the White House, and the World Economic Forum.

    Chris often discusses banking on Sky News, BBC News, Bloomberg, and CNBC.  Furthermore, he is on the Advisory Boards of several companies and works with major banks. These banks include the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, and Citibank.

    Chris Skinner Speaking Videos

    Chris Skinner - Kids creating the future bank
    Chris Skinner - The future of money, trade and finance

    Chris Skinner Keynote Topics

    For years, banks and industry pundits have bet that cash and bank branches will disappear, yet they are still as strong as ever. Sure, cash and branches are reducing in number, but cash in circulation is still increasing as are the number of bank branches in some countries. So is a branchless, cashless future a reality or a myth?

    Over the next decade, a radical shift will take place in the role and function of banking. It’s already started and it’s all about BIG DATA. But it’s more than that. It’s to do with the value shift in society from seeing money to seeing virtual money; from seeing technology to seeing social technology; and from seeing government to seeing self-governance.

    These shifts have been seeded in smartphones, social networks and the global linkage of every person on the planet to wireless media, and this shift will accelerate over the next decade. What this means for banks is that they will become hybrid keepers of money and data, and anything else their customers believe to be of value.
    They might even be keepers of cloud secure Facebook photo albums … why not?

    In previous ages bankers have sometimes pecked lower in the order of society than lepers. Jesus declared their usurious ways immoral. Amazingly, from this disadvantaged position in society, bankers flourished over the past two centuries before imploding spectacularly both financially and socially in 2008. Bankers now don’t even trust each other.

    This illuminating review of the history and future of banking and society explores why these former outcasts from high society are natural problem children and ponders whether they have a social future and, if so, what will it look like?

    Since PayPal began, we have seen money being digitized. Now mobile is booming, the whole mechanism of money and customer interaction is being revolutionized. Add to this Facebook credits and other virtual currencies, and you soon realize it’s not about money but it’s about value.

    Value management in all its forms – money, knowledge, ideas, time, goods, services, trade – is the critical focus for tomorrow’s institutions. And, as value becomes exchanged in all forms of virtual and physical form, money becomes meaningless. What does it mean for you?

    Banks are like landmines that explode in economic terms, in a similar way in which landmines explode and blow away people in the real world. Just as landmines blow the legs away from humans, banks blow the legs off economies.

    It’s obviously the case that this is true today, what with the Lehmans collapse with Credit Default Swaps creating the first financial crisis; and now sovereign debt in the Eurozone is developing the second.
    How can such economic landmines exist in a world where we should have cleared them by now, and how can we avoid them in the future?

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