Business speaker Corrie Block

Corrie Block

International Strategist; Organizational Behaviorist; Leadership Expert, and Professor of Strategic Management

Speaker Corrie Block is a highly regarded expert in strategy and leadership with over 25 years of experience in executive management, corporate advisory, and future-focused organizational development. He is a business speaker who travels the world to share his insights, and also serves as a trusted coach to top organizational leaders.

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    Corrie Block biography

    Dr. Corrie Block, a globally acknowledged authority on corporate strategy, organizational dynamics, and leadership development, serves as a Professor of Strategic Management at Monarch Business School in Switzerland. Speaker Corrie Block, as a Certified Master Neuroplastician, brings over twenty-five years of consulting experience with more than 150 corporations to his work.

    With his broad-based knowledge across various sectors, Dr. Corrie Block imparts transformative perspectives on employee motivation, impactful management practices, leadership efficacy, cultural development, technological advancement, and future organizational structuring.

    Possessing an impressive academic background, speaker Corrie Block has earned Master’s degrees in Business and Global Leadership, a Swiss Doctorate in Business Administration, and a UK PhD in History. He also holds certifications in Finance from Harvard and Artificial Intelligence from M.I.T.

    A prolific writer, Dr. Corrie’s bibliography includes both scholarly and popular works, with titles such as “Spartan CEO: Six Pillars of Executive Performance,” “Business is Personal: A Blueprint for Finding Meaning at Work,” and the newly published “Love@Work: The Final Frontier of Empathy in Leadership,” complemented by contributions to Forbes, CEO Magazine, and other prestigious publications.

    Achieving recognition through the successful launch of five ventures and notable product innovation awards, in the 2000s, he established Paragon, a specialized consultancy firm that has orchestrated high-impact strategy and operational frameworks for diverse clients, including industry giants, tech newcomers, multinational corporations, and governmental bodies.

    A fervent proponent of continuous learning and an enthusiastic reader, Dr. Corrie also dedicates himself to a dynamic lifestyle that includes CrossFit, skydiving, cycling, and Spartan races.

    Corrie Block Speaking Videos

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    Corrie Block Keynote Topics

    Are you having trouble motivating your team? As a recognized authority on employee engagement, Dr. Corrie Block has discovered the secret formula for boosting happiness and productivity in the workplace. Unlike common misconceptions, it doesn't involve pizza parties or office games.

    In his presentations, Dr. Corrie shares his personal transformation story, from being an overweight and unhealthy business consultant to becoming a fitness enthusiast and champion Spartan racer. He emphasizes that forming healthy habits takes more than 21 days of consistent effort, with no more than four days off. And when inspiration strikes, he encourages taking immediate action within 40 seconds.

    As a seasoned strategic and transformation leader, Dr. Corrie has provided individual coaching and led workshops for numerous CEOs, senior executives, and entrepreneurs. He draws from real-life examples, personal anecdotes, and his own experience to impart his philosophy of "Spartan leadership," which he recently published in a book.

    Dr. Corrie has a successful methodology for shifting employees from a reactive, firefighting mentality to a proactive and involved corporate culture, which positively impacts the bottom line.

    As a prominent motivational keynote speaker, Dr. Corrie utilizes his extensive experience of over three decades in delivering cutting-edge business strategies and transforming companies to face the challenges of artificial intelligence and digital disruption. With data doubling every day, the fourth industrial revolution is well underway. Dr. Corrie poses the question: will you be the disrupter or the disrupted?

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