Business Speaker Costas Markides

Costas Markides

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

A top strategy and innovation specialist, teacher, and conference speaker. Speaker Costas Markides’ books have been shortlisted for renowned awards, thanks to his ongoing studies. Organizations book Costas Markides to learn how to make organizations more innovative, respond to disruption, and implement strategic innovation.

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    Costas Markides biography

    Business speaker Costas Markides is a top strategy and innovation specialist. Professor Markides is a well-regarded teacher and conference speaker who has conducted an extensive study on business model innovation, strategic innovation, international acquisitions, and diversification.

    A major focus of his study is on how established organizations might explore radical or disruptive innovation. He also looks at how such organizations can compete with two different business models within the same field. Aspects of his research include how businesses may cultivate continuous innovation. It also explores the role that individual managers have in driving a company to be more innovative.

    Recently, Professor Markides has shifted his focus more toward social issues. He investigates how to apply management ideas to social problems such as poverty, drug-related crime, and malnutrition. Costas’  book, Architects of Change, analyzes how people may come up with innovative solutions to social problems to make them easily scalable. His research also looks into how to use a decentralized change process to scale up social innovations and spread them across the globe.

    In the past, some of speaker Costas Markides’ books had been shortlisted for various awards. These awards include the Igor Ansoff award on Strategic Management and the Financial Times-Goldman Sachs Management Book of the Year. In his book titled Game-Changing Strategies, Costas examines how to use business model innovation to break market rules. Costas Markides also looks at how companies might adapt whenever a disruptive business model enters their industries.

    Professor Markides is originally from Cyprus and earned an MBA and DBA from Harvard Business School. Moreover, he obtained a BA and MA in Economics from Boston University. He is now London Business School’s Robert P Bauman Chair of Strategic Leadership.

    Costas Markides Speaking Videos

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    Costas Markides Keynote Topics

    In today’s hypercompetitive world, innovation is the only source of competitive advantage. Organizations must continuously innovate to stay one step ahead of competition. But innovation is not just creativity; and it is not just the province of top management. For innovation to become a source of competitive advantage, it must be institutionalized so that it takes place anywhere and at anytime in the organization. How to institutionalize innovation is a real challenge for companies and this presentation will provide insights on how to do it. Top management has a key role to play in this and we will also explore how the top people can set the right example in the organization. Real life examples will be provided to support the generalizations made.

    How can established firms respond to disruptive innovators that are invading their markets? This presentation will identify several lessons that we have learned from academic research on how to respond to disruption successfully and highlight these lessons using real company examples and evidence from academic studies. In the process, we will identify several mistaken beliefs and half-truths about disruption that seem to cloud the thinking of senior managers everywhere.

    There are several strategies that can help a company grow but a particularly effective one is the strategy of “breaking the rules” or strategic innovation. Prominent examples of companies that adopted this strategy include Enterprise in the car-rental business; EasyJet in the airline industry; and Amazon in the retail sector. But what exactly is this strategy? And how can a company do it successfully, especially if it already has a successful business to run? These are the questions that I shall attempt to answer in this presentation using real company examples to highlight my main messages.

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