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Cy Wakeman

NY Times Bestselling Author, Drama Researcher and Founder of Reality-Based Leadership

Cy Wakeman is a well-known business speaker, drama researcher, and global thought leader who has gained recognition for her unique, reality-based approach to leadership. With over two decades of experience, Wakeman has developed a philosophy that helps employees and executives alike improve their focus on personal accountability and tap into their natural state of innovation by avoiding workplace drama. She offers a new perspective that allows individuals to turn inward and achieve success in their professional endeavors.

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    Cy Wakeman biography

    Business speaker Cy Wakeman is an expert on leadership and drama researcher, and is recognized for her reality-based approach to these subjects. With over 25 years of experience in the field, she has helped companies such as Google, Facebook, and Viacom. She helps them to navigate their changing environments and achieve better business results. Cy focuses on personal accountability and ditching drama.

    She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and regular contributor to Forbes and Success. Speaker Cy Wakeman appears regularly on numerous media outlets, including the TODAY Show, The New York Times, Business Insider.

    In 2021, she was named the top leadership professional on the Global Gurus list. Wakeman has published several bestselling books. Her most famous one is “No Ego: How to Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results”. She also wrote “Reality-Based Leadership: Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace, and Turn Excuses into Results”.

    Her latest book, published in 2022 is ‘Life’s Messy, Live Happy’. In it, Cy explores the idea that our happiness is not dependent on external circumstances or events. Wakeman argues that society’s “religion of suffering,” which teaches us that we must constantly try to control our circumstances in order to be happy, is harmful and counterproductive. Instead, Wakeman suggests that we can learn to be happy by understanding that circumstances can rarely be controlled and that life is inherently messy. The book offers practical advice and real-life examples for how to cultivate happiness by disconnecting it from external forces, letting go of worry about the future, and recognizing that many negative feelings are based on things that never even happened.

    She also hosts her own podcast and Facebook Watch show on related topics. Lastly, she shares weekly video content on YouTube addressing common leadership challenges in the workplace.

    Cy Wakeman Speaking Videos

    Cy Wakeman: Ditch the Drama – How to Live Happy in a Messy World
    Cy Explains the Three Lanes in Life

    Cy Wakeman Keynote Topics

    According to research conducted by Cy Wakeman and the Futures Company, traditional leadership strategies and philosophies are contributing to drama in the workplace, rather than improving performance and efficiency. The study found that under these approaches, employees can waste up to three months per year – potentially costing billions of dollars in the US alone – on workplace drama. In this presentation, Wakeman proposes a new approach to core leadership concepts such as engagement, change management, and accountability. She invites leadership professionals to redefine HR and leadership with science and research, and to provide leaders with practical strategies and tools that can effectively address the challenges of the modern workplace.

    The current business environment presents numerous challenges, and traditional leadership strategies may not be effective in addressing them. It is important for leaders to recognize the need for a new approach and to be open to change. This presentation by Cy Wakeman focuses on the principles of Reality-Based Leadership™, a new approach that aims to restore peace, sanity, and success to the workplace.

    In this dynamic session, Cy Wakeman will provide guidance to leaders on how to prepare their teams and talent for the challenges ahead and ensure that they are capable of quickly adapting and delivering valuable services, even in mature markets. She will also offer strategies for helping teams embrace change and stay ready for whatever comes next. This session is designed to help leaders understand their responsibilities in enabling their teams to succeed and thrive in a constantly changing environment.

    Many organizations struggle to foster a culture of personal accountability, despite its importance. In this session, Cy Wakeman will provide practical strategies for hiring, coaching, and developing accountable employees, and explain how personal accountability is a cornerstone of Reality-Based Leadership™, a new approach to leadership. She will offer insights and guidance on how to effectively incorporate this core competency into everyday business operations and ensure that it becomes a fundamental part of the organization's talent and culture.

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