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Dan Ariely

World-Leading Authority on Consumer Behavior. Author, "Predictably Irrational". Behavioral Economist & Popular TED speaker


Consumer sentiment is at once maddeningly elusive and absolutely essential to any customer-centric business. Bestselling author and popular TED speaker Dan Ariely understands the quirks and irrationality of consumer behavior more fully than anyone on earth. Marketing organizations and others with an interest in how to better serve and reach consumers will find no more enlightening keynote speaker.

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    Dan Ariely biography

    Companies need to know what consumers think; behavioral economics speaker Dan Ariely knows better than anyone. In classrooms or grand ballrooms, he is a captivating speaker: Dan Ariely’s keynote addresses distill his research into engaging, often humorous, and lastingly memorable vignettes.

    A bestselling author and popular keynote speaker, Dan Ariely is the world’s most heeded behavioral economist. That is to say, Fortune named Ariely “one of the 10 new gurus you should know”.

    Ariely eschews models of rational consumer behavior to study in detail how people truly act in the marketplace. His research at Duke University investigates purchasing and savings decisions and other forms of decision-making, undertaken in various conditions.

    His work shows conclusively that we are prone to irrationality, even in situations where rational thought is expected and rewarded. In addition, this analysis extends to business environments, where irrationality can affect strategy, marketing, and pricing decisions.

    Ariely publishes widely in scholarly journals and in periodicals including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. He is also a regular guest on NPR, CNN, and ABC’s 20/20. His bestselling book Predictably Irrational changed the way businesses think about consumers’ behavior, and that of business leaders themselves. In 2019 he published his latest book, Amazing Decisions.

    After earning his PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of North Carolina, Ariely earned a marketing doctorate from Duke.

    Dan Ariely Keynote Topics

    Behavioral economics seeks to understand that emotional, social and cognitive trends affect us when making economic decisions, whether it is the choice of a product for its price or the allocation we make of our resources, among others. People act against their best interests much of the time – and it’s not because your company didn’t produce a good product or communicate the right information, but because other factors and motivations are at play, says Dan Ariely. Understanding what those are and how they influence decisions is critical to changing customer behavior. In this presentation, Ariely talks about human irrationalities, and how their challenges (and benefits) play out day-to-day in both the workplace and in our personal lives, affecting the product choices we make and how much we are willing to pay, among many other things. He explains how to apply the principles of behavioral economics to modify current offerings and redesign experiences to enable customers to make the right choices. Making good decisions is hard, Ariely stresses. Understanding the hidden forces that shape our decisions helps make it easier for them to decide to do what you want them to.

    Societies with higher trust perform much better. Research proves that those without trust have lower performance and GDP. The same is true for companies and relationships. One of the most interesting aspects of human behavior, says Dan Ariely, is the capacity to think of ourselves as honest even when we act dishonestly. In this engaging talk, he explains what trust in the digital age looks like, how valuable it is as a social good, how easily it can be broken and what we can do to build it up and keep it. He addresses how the principles of behavioral economics can help us understand and overcome some of the irrational tendencies behind dishonest behavior. The implications of this research are far reaching and include a better understanding of financial crises, regulations, the potential pitfalls that we should all worry about and day-to-day misbehaviors.

    There’s no question that understanding human motivation is important to anyone who runs a team or a company. Yet, the forces that motivate people are not always clear and easy to understand. In this talk, Dan Ariely vividly describes some experiments that uncover what motivates us in the workplace and in our personal lives. These experiments show that what we often think of as motivators do not always motivate us. And what we think does not matter sometimes ends up being very important. By the end of this talk, attendees will be armed with a new framework for modifying their current approach to be better at motivating those around us.

    One of the challenges we face when we try to improve our health is that what is good for us right now is often not what is good for us in the long term. Dieting, for example, is not so much fun now, but good for the future; the same can be said for medical tests, procrastination and even saving money. When we face such tradeoffs, we often focus on the short term rather than our long-term goals, and in the process get ourselves into trouble. But there is hope. In this talk, Dan Ariely describes multiple experiments that help us understand where and why we fall short, and more importantly, how health care leaders can use this knowledge to develop methods that will ultimately help us overcome our natural (and less than desirable) inclinations when it comes to our decisions.

    Dan Ariely Speaking Videos

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