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David Duchovny

Actor, The X-Files, Californication

Known for performances that are as iconic as they are laconic, David Duchovny is more than an actor. Also a producer, director, and singer/songwriter, Duchovny brings Ivy League credentials to his nuanced performances, whatever the medium. Events looking for star power in a keynote speaker count on Duchovny to deliver unforgettable reflections on a storied career.

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    David Duchovny biography

    Best known as Fox Mulder in the iconic The X-Files, famous speaker David Duchovny is a fascinatingly multitalented artist. An engaging public speaker, David Duchovny shares the stories and wisdom he has earned over a brilliant and still-unfolding career.

    David Duchovny’s acting earned him eight Golden Globe nominations, but he is also a successful writer, producer, director, and singer/songwriter. After a long run as FBI agent Fox Mulder on The X-Files, Duchovny won a Golden Globe for his work on Californication.

    After earning a BA from Princeton and an MA from Yale, each in English literature, Duchovny sought an acting career. His first major role was that of DEA agent Dennis Bryson on Twin Peaks. A leading role opposite Brad Pitt followed, in the 1993 cult favourite Kalifornia, before The X-Files called. In all, Duchovny has appeared in more than 30 films and in 18 television series.

    In 2015, Duchovny released his first music album, Hell or Highwater, to critical acclaim. He produced the television series Aquarius, in which he also starred, and has directed both television episodes and feature films.

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    David Duchovny Keynote Topics

    Who isn't familiar with the acclaimed series Californication? Is there anyone who can't identify the lead actor from this show and from The X-Files? Everyone knows David Duchovny for his acting, but few are aware that in addition to his great talent for performance, David is also a musician, writer, and successful businessman. Proof of this is Californication, for which he was the producer of its 10 seasons, and he has also authored 3 books and released two albums. In this lecture, we will get to know the actor's more entrepreneurial side, understanding what drove him to transition from being directed to directing, and from not taking risks to investing his own money in a promising project.

    The film industry is known for the fame it bestows upon its stars, the millions generated and invested in its productions, and the challenge of carving out a place within it. In this lecture, the acclaimed actor David Duchovny, who has over 30 films to his credit, will delve into the realities of this industry, which often differ from the idealized image we all hold. We will learn how he managed to transition from the small to the big screen and how the fame that comes with success in this industry affected his life.

    We've all been hooked on a TV series at one point or another. The small screen, once overshadowed by cinema, has come to life again and in many cases has surpassed the film industry thanks to Netflix, HBO, and the like, who have managed to infuse it with the necessary ingredients to captivate vast audiences. Before them, few series had achieved a similar feat. Among those, "The X-Files" (or "Expediente X") stands out as one of the first to transition from a TV show to a cinematic film. In this lecture, the lead actor of the series, David Duchovny, will share what made that series so significant and why it was followed by so many millions of viewers around the world.

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