Marketing speaker David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott

Marketing Strategist; Entrepreneur; Investor and Advisor to emerging companies; Bestselling Author

Speaker David Meerman Scott is a leading expert in modern business growth strategies, prioritizing real-time engagement and content-driven approaches over traditional methods. An internationally acclaimed author of ten books, including bestsellers like "The New Rules of Marketing & PR," he is also a marketing speaker and innovative strategist. With experience ranging from establishing international offices to advising emerging companies, David's influence spans diverse areas of business and marketing.

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    David Meerman Scott biography

    Marketing speaker David Meerman Scott is renowned for his grasp on contemporary business growth tactics. He prioritizes speed and agility over traditional planning and scale. He underscores the significance of real-time engagement, with content as the linchpin—your value is defined by what you publish. Being courageous and embracing innovative methods can yield great rewards.

    An internationally recognized sales, marketing, and PR strategist, David is the author or co-author of ten books, including three international bestsellers. The influential The New Rules of Marketing & PR has sold over 350,000 copies. It is used globally in universities and business schools. He’s also co-authored works like Marketing the Moon and presented pioneering ideas in Newsjacking.

    Speaker David Meerman Scott is known for high-energy presentations filled with bold imagery and success stories. He always delivers fresh ideas that inspire audiences to replace old strategies with real-time approaches. He demonstrates how to utilize tools like blogs, social media, and Newsjacking to engage the market, boost sales, and grow brands.

    Having worked internationally, David’s background includes establishing the Japan office of a Wall Street advisory firm and serving as marketing director for Knight-Ridder in Asia. Later, he became a strategic advisor on agile, real-time business after a career transition.

    David’s entrepreneurial initiatives also include co-founding Signature Tones, a sonic branding studio. He is also as an advisor to various emerging and successful companies. His advisory role extends to companies like HubSpot and non-profits such as the Grateful Dead Archive, showcasing his diverse influence in the business world.

    David Meerman Scott Speaking Videos

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    David Meerman Scott - Inbound Job Search

    David Meerman Scott Keynote Topics

    Engage with customers on a personal level and find success by embracing today's distinct business landscape. Traditional methods and beliefs are not only outdated but costly; it's essential to be bold and overcome the fear of change or failure. David Meerman Scott paves the path, introducing innovative and cost-effective strategies, such as Newsjacking, to connect directly with your audience. With engaging and dynamic presentations, Scott highlights success stories from diverse industries—ranging from B2B companies to rock bands. He motivates audiences to seize opportunities when buyers are most receptive. In a world where agility triumphs over budget size, it's time to move away from controlled advertising and PR methods and instead captivate and inspire with content people want to engage with and share.

    The traditional selling model is becoming obsolete as buyers increasingly research products and competitors independently, often ignoring conventional sales channels. Simultaneously, the line between sales and marketing has blurred, leading to a transformation in sales and service approaches. It's essential to abandon outdated methods and adopt a fearless attitude towards engaging customers through social selling. Speed, facilitated by real-time engagement, is a key asset, allowing businesses to connect with buyers according to their schedule. David Meerman Scott illustrates how successful salespeople and organizations act as information curators, delivering exactly what buyers need when they need it. By utilizing real-time social selling, companies can attract more customers with fewer resources, as evidenced by various success stories shared by David.

    David Meerman Scott offers workshops focused on sales and marketing, where participants can learn how to implement real-time strategies. These hands-on sessions delve into detailed plans for reaching buyers directly, employing tactics such as blogging, viral marketing, podcasts, online video, search engine marketing, and establishing online thought-leadership. Each program is customized to fit the specific needs and goals of the audience. For more information on these tailored workshops, interested parties are encouraged to inquire directly.

    Bring your team to a new level with on-site coaching from David Meerman Scott. He'll visit your office, guiding your team to rethink and revitalize how you connect with your audience using Real-Time marketing and sales strategies. David's approach emphasizes practical and cost-effective methods proven to enhance business growth. By the end of the hands-on session, your team will be equipped with a focused set of objectives and fresh real-time strategies ready to deliver immediate results. What makes these live coaching sessions effective is David's ability to customize each one according to your specific needs. He's conducted similar workshops for a wide range of organizations worldwide, including Dow Jones, Microsoft, the United States Marine Corps, and National Geographic, among others.

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