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Daymond John

Self-Made Millionaire Founder and CEO of FUBU. "The People's Shark" of ABC’s Shark Tank

Good businesspeople meet the demands of the markets they serve. Legendary ones like Shark Tank speaker Daymond John create new markets altogether. As FUBU’s co-founder and CEO, John brought urban fashion to the world, from small towns to fashion-show runways. Organizations benefit from his wisdom on marketing and branding, and on bringing businesses successfully to scale.

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    Daymond John biography

    FUBU’s founder and Shark Tank star, business speaker Daymond John has changed the face of American business and fashion. A successful investor and inspiring keynote speaker, Daymond John celebrates the power of authenticity, diligence, and resourcefulness.

    Above all, Daymond John is known to millions as Shark Tank’s methodical eye of the storm, and from his bestselling books. He established himself as a leading executive by taking a steady, measured approach to growth in a rapidly expanding market.

    As a budding entrepreneur in Hollis, Queens, John grew up in the cradle of hip-hop culture. Neighbors like Run-DMC and LL Cool J established a new musical genre; John established new markets for hip-hop fashion. FUBU—For Us, By Us—was both a statement of self-determination and an announcement that hip-hop culture extended beyond music.

    When LL Cool J snuck a FUBU reference into a GAP ad a few years later, FUBU’s popularity again exploded. Streetwear had arrived, and with it a new way of seeing the entire fashion spectrum, from sneakers to formalwear. By 1998, FUBU grossed more than $350 million.

    John became notable in business circles for his marketing acumen and for his ability to scale up his business. Shortly after he joined Shark Tank, John wrote The Brand Within, the first of his immensely popular books. The Power of Broke reveals how tight budgets and empty pockets can teach lastingly valuable business lessons. Rise and Grind encourages readers to outhustle the competition, and Powershift is a masterclass in turning change to one’s advantage.

    Daymond John Speaking Videos

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    Daymond John Keynote Topics

    From his origins in the modest neighborhood of Queens, Daymond John has always been clear about his motivations and has set realistic goals that have allowed him to become a world-renowned star. In this conference, the "People's Shark" and famous entrepreneur and motivator will tell us about the techniques he uses to motivate and move forward, even in the most difficult moments. He will also teach your audience to set goals that allow them to grow both personally and professionally and help them gain that extra motivation that we often lack.

    FUBU is one of the most emblematic clothing brands of recent years due to its success among Hip Hop fans and stars and for knowing how to give to the market what it wants at all times. The culprit for this is none other than Daymond John, its founder and current CEO, who from the beginning was clear about the brand's target customer and what they was looking for. In this session, the successful businessman and consultant of major brands, Daymond John, will explain marketing and branding strategies that will allow us to raise our brand to a higher level and make it more relevant to our target audience.

    In ABC's Shark Tank, unknown entrepreneurs and startups present their products to 5 successful shark entrepreneurs in order to get financing to launch their product or service and make it a success. Daymond John is 'the People's Shark' and has invested millions as well as great chunks of his personal time in those projects he believes that have a real opportunity to be sucessful. Thanks to his experience in this program and his work as a consultant for countless companies, in this speech he will share the conclusions and lessons he has learned about entrepreneurship and what every entrepreneur should know and internalize before launching into the adventure that is creating a new business.

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