Nobel Prize Speaker Didier Queloz

Didier Queloz

2019 Nobel Prize in Physics Laureate; Professor of Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory and Geneva University

2019 Nobel Prize in Physics awardee. Speaker Didier Queloz’s exoplanets’ discoveries have significantly impacted public perception of the universe. Organizations book Didier Queloz for his knowledge of exoplanets which are planets that orbit a star out of our solar system.

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    Didier Queloz biography

    Science speaker Didier Queloz is the Cavendish Laboratory and Geneva University’s Professor of Physics. He is at the forefront of the exoplanet revolution in astrophysics. The Solar System used to serve as the sole source of information about planets and life elsewhere in the universe.

    Queloz’s findings of the first giant planet outside the solar system with Michel Mayor have significantly impacted public perception of the universe. Due to this key discovery, there has been a genuine astronomy revolution, including new instrumentation and our knowledge of the formation and evolution of the planets.

    Speaker Didier Queloz ‘s scientific contributions mainly aimed at improving exoplanet detection and measurement capabilities. The aim was to extract data on the exoplanets’ physical structure in order to truly comprehend their formation and evolution.

    The discovery of planets similar to Earth and the search for universal life have become the focus of his latest research. His research and development efforts resulted in the development of astronomical equipment, innovative observational methodologies, and algorithms detection.

    He engaged in and oversaw programs that culminated in the discovery of hundreds of planets, as well as other ground-breaking discoveries. Didier has taken part in a number of documentaries, radio interviews, and articles TV. His goal is to spread enthusiasm and increase passion for science in general and in particular areas.

    In 2013, he joined Cambridge University to conduct an extensive research program. The program aimed to deepen our knowledge of the structure, formation, and habitability of exoplanets. Furthermore, Didier’s goal is to spread the passion of this study to the general public.

    He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2019 in recognition of his contributions. In 2020, he became a Fellow of the Royal Society.

    Didier Queloz Speaking Videos

    Didier Queloz - Exoplanets
    Nobel Lecture: Didier Queloz, Nobel Prize in Physics 2019

    Didier Queloz Keynote Topics

    In this intriguing talk, speaker and expert astrophysicist Didier Queloz will discuss one of his greatest discoveries, exoplanets. This discovery, along with all his renowned work, earned him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2019. In the lecture, Queloz will discuss how they first detected an exoplanet in 1995, how they searched for it, and its implications. Moreover, Didier will share the latest updates on his most recent work dedicated to searching for planets similar to Earth where life could potentially exist and thrive.

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