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Edie Lush

Author; Executive Editor of Hub Culture; Communication Trainer and MC

Author, journalist, MC, communication trainer, and the Hub Culture executive director. Speaker Edie Lush is a leader in developing compelling social media content for events worldwide, such as the United Nations Climate Change Conferences. Organizations book Edie Lush to learn about sustainable development goals, finding your purpose and motivation, and how to speak in public.

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    Edie Lush biography

    Keynote speaker Edie Lush is a British-American author, journalist, and the Hub Culture executive director. She is also an MC and a communication trainer. Edie is the co-host of the Global GoalsCaast, a podcast that tells the stories of those who are working to improve the world. She has conducted a multitude of interviews. At Hub Culture, she is instrumental in developing compelling social media content for events worldwide, such as the United Nations Climate Change Conferences.

    Media speaker Edie Lush has worked for The Week magazine, Bloomberg Television, and Spectator Business magazine. Several publications, such as the Spectator, Prospect, and the BBC, have published her work. Her business focuses on delivering communication training to influencers, senior leaders, executives, and academics.

    Before becoming a journalist, Edie worked for investment bank UBS in London. She also worked for Omega Advisors, a hedge fund in New York. Additionally, she served for both the Hungarian political party SzDSz and the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States.

    After graduating from UCLA, Edie went on to earn her Master of International Relations from Yale. She is a frequent speaker and event MC, and her specialties include entrepreneurship, technology, and Sustainable Development Goals. Three literary-style festivals for Intelligence Squared have been organized by Edie, one of which was about climate change. Furthermore, she has served as Chair of the British American Project. She is also a member of the Ellen Meloy Fund for Desert Writers board of directors.

    Edie Lush Speaking Videos

    Edie Lush's Take-Aways from 60+ interviews in Davos
    Edie Lush - The S Word - Exploring the Sustainable Development Goals

    Edie Lush Keynote Topics

    Drawing from her vast experience and insights, Lush breaks down the significance of these goals, demonstrating how they interconnect and impact both global and local landscapes.

    Speaker Edie Lush will talk about finding your purpose and will motivate your audience to achieve their goals.

    Speaker Edie Lush, an experienced journalist and communication trainer will talk about how to effectively speak in public.

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