Sports Speaker Eniola Aluko

Eniola Aluko

Sporting Director at Angel City FC; Author; Pundit

An expert in developing a culture that encourages high performance, while promoting a healthy team environment. Speaker Eniola Aluko was a key player in exposing discrimination and racism within the England team. Organizations book Eniola Aluko to learn more about women in sports, drive and determination, and overcoming adversity.

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    Eniola Aluko biography

    Sports speaker Eniola Aluko is a top figure in women’s football. As a football player, she was famous for her speed and accuracy. In the past, she worked as sporting director for Aston Villa Women’s. She later became sporting director for LA’s Angel City FC. 

    Speaker Eniola Aluko won several leagues and was one of Chelsea’s top scoring players. After a long career in the UK, she moved to Italy to play with Juventus. During her first season with Juventus, the team won the Serie A title.  In 2012, Eniola was also a central figure for the TeamGB squad and the England team throughout a time when the women’s game was rising in popularity.

    Eniola Aluko was seen as “the Wayne Rooney of women’s football. Although she had a stellar career on the pitch, she was also a key player in exposing discrimination and racism within the England team, as well as significant issues within the FA. Eniola refused to stay silent. She stood up against intimidating behaviours.

    Eniola talks about developing a culture that encourages high performance, while promoting a healthy team environment. She analyzes the best and worst of leadership to create the winning formula that instils a positive attitude. Furthermore, Eniola looks at what went wrong in the England set up and what organisations can learn from it.

    In the media Aluko has appeared on various channels, covering  both the men’s and women’s game. Aside from writing the book They Don’t Teach This, where she talks about persistence, achievement, and teamwork, she often wrote for The Guardian.

    In 2020, Eniola took on the role of Aston Villa’s women’s football’s director. One year later, she went on to work for Angel City FC, while, in 2022, she became director of recruitment.

    Eniola Aluko Speaking Videos

    Eniola Aluko: 'Racism in Football Needs Harsher Punishments'
    Eniola Aluko

    Eniola Aluko Keynote Topics

    In this talk, Eni discusses the importance of creating inclusive environments in the workplace and the impact of diversity on business success. Aluko shares insights and best practices for building and sustaining diverse and inclusive teams, and discusses the role of leadership in promoting diversity and inclusion. This talk is ideal for professionals looking to understand the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how to create and foster inclusive environments within their organizations.

    In this talk, Eni Aluko explores the challenges and opportunities facing women in sports, including issues of equality and representation. Aluko discusses the impact of gender bias and stereotypes on women's participation in sports, and offers strategies for promoting and advancing the role of women in athletics.

    In this motivational talk, Eniola Aluko shares her experiences of playing at the highest level of football for England and discusses the importance of mindset in achieving success. Aluko explores the role of mindset in overcoming challenges and achieving goals, and offers practical strategies for cultivating a winning mindset. Drawing on her own experiences and insights, Aluko helps attendees understand how to develop the mental toughness and resilience needed to succeed in any pursuit.

    In this keynote speech, Eniola Aluko discusses the challenges and obstacles that can arise in life and offers strategies for overcoming them. Drawing on her own experiences and insights, Aluko helps attendees understand how to develop resilience and persevere through difficult times. She discusses the importance of mindset and the role of support networks in overcoming adversity, and offers practical strategies for navigating and overcoming challenges.

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