Political Speaker Ernesto Zedillo

Ernesto Zedillo

Former President of México (1994-2000)

Initially an academic, Ernesto Zedillo parlayed his background in economics into a lauded career in public service. After his term-limited tenure as President of Mexico, Zedillo contributed his talents to an ever-growing number of international organizations. He also returned to teaching as a popular Yale professor. Events with an interest in global events and the prospects of meeting international challenges find their ideal centerpieces in Zedillo’s keynote speeches.

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    Ernesto Zedillo biography

    Renowned economist and former President of Mexico, keynote speaker Ernesto Zedillo remains a titan of international diplomacy. A brilliant keynote speaker, Ernesto Zedillo conveys a lifetime of research and service in the engaging terms that make him a brilliant professor.

    Ernesto Zedillo is the Frederick Iseman ’74 Director of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization. He is also a professor of international economics and politics, international and area studies, and environmental studies at Yale. Zedillo teaches two popular undergraduate seminars, Debating Globalization and The Economic Evolution and Challenges of the Latin American and Caribbean Countries.

    His lectures draw on a remarkable career in public service. After earning his undergraduate degree from Mexico’s National Polytechnic Institute and his PhD from Yale, Zedillo returned to Mexico. He taught at his alma mater and at el Colegio de México before joining Mexico’s central bank. From there, he served as Mexico’s Undersecretary of Budget and then as its Secretary of Economic Programming and the Budget. In 1992, he was named Mexico’s Secretary of Education, which he remained before running successfully for president.

    Since Mexico’s presidents may not run for reelection, Zedillo turned his attentions to global initiatives following his term in office. He co-chaired the Partnership of the Americas Commission and the Commission on Drugs and Democracy. He has been especially active with UN-related organizations. Zedillo chaired the commission that planned the future of the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Global Development Network. Vice Chair of the Global Commission on Elections, Democracy, and Security, he also co-chaired the Regional Migration Study Group.

    Zedillo now chairs the Natural Resource Governance Institute and the 21st Century Advisory Council of the Beggruen Institute on Governance. He co-chairs the Inter-American Dialogue and serves on the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

    As a member of the G30 and The Elders, Zedillo turns his experience, talents, and insight to resolving global challenges.

    Ernesto Zedillo Speaking Videos

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    Ernesto Zedillo - The relationship between the United States and Latin America: political and economic perspectives

    Ernesto Zedillo Keynote Topics

    Globalization refers to the increasing interconnectedness and interdependence of the world's economies, cultures, and populations, driven by advances in transportation, communication, and technology. Emerging markets are countries that are experiencing rapid economic growth and development, and are often characterized by a large and growing middle class, increasing levels of urbanization, and a rising standard of living.

    In his talks, Zedillo explores how globalization has affected emerging markets, both in terms of the opportunities it has created and the challenges it has presented. He discusses the role of emerging markets in the global economy, and how they have been able to leverage their economic growth to become more influential on the world stage. Zedillo also delves into the various policy responses that emerging markets have pursued in order to navigate the complexities of globalization, and the lessons that can be learned from their experiences.

    Ernesto Zedillo discusses the historical, political, economic, and cultural ties that have linked the United States and the Americas, and how these have evolved over time. He explores the various challenges and opportunities that have arisen in this relationship, including issues such as trade, security, migration, and regional integration. Zedillo delves into the role of the United States as a regional and global power, and the ways in which it has influenced the development of the Americas. Additionally, he discusses the various initiatives and programs that have been undertaken to strengthen cooperation and collaboration between the United States and the countries of the Americas, and the prospects for future cooperation in the region.

    Zedillo offers insights and perspectives on the topic of economic leadership, drawing on his experience as the President of Mexico and his expertise in economic policy.

    He discusses the challenges and opportunities that leaders face in navigating the complexities of the global economy. He delves into the various tools and strategies that leaders can use to shape economic policy and steer their countries towards growth and development. Zedillo also explores the importance of sound economic management and the role that leadership plays in building strong, resilient economies. Additionally, he discusses the challenges that leaders face in balancing the needs of different stakeholders and in making difficult decisions that can have significant impacts on the economy and society. Through his unique perspective and expertise, Zedillo offers valuable insights and lessons on the role of economic leadership in today's globalized world.

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