Political Speaker Evan Solomon

Evan Solomon

Publisher, GZERO Media; Special Correspondent, CTV News

A famous journalist, author of Fueling the Future and Feeding the Future. Speaker Evan Solomon is known for interviewing political figures and covering important stories in innovation, business, society, and technology. Organizations book Evan Solomon to learn about the economic, social, and technological impact of politics, how the battle over energy is changing everything, how technology is changing our world, and exploring ways to solve the global food crisis.

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    Evan Solomon biography

    Political speaker Evan Solomon is a famous journalist known for interviewing political figures and covering important stories in innovation, business, society, and technology. Evan is able to offer unique knowledge and ideas in each speech he delivers. This is all possible as a result of his extensive career as a journalist.

    At present, Evan works at GZERO Media. Furthermore, he plays an important role in the Eurasia Group, leading their aspiring platform and programming goals. In the past, speaker Evan Solomon took part in famous news programs, such as Question Period, Power & Politics with Evan Solomon, and CBC News: Sunday Night. Moreover, he hosted The Evan Solomon Show, Everything is Political, Futureworld, Masters of Technology, and several other shows.

    As a journalist, Evan also wrote for Maclean’s and edited for Shift magazine.

    Evan authored several books, including Fueling the Future, which brings together the best thinkers to tackle questions like: “What will we do in a world without oil?” and “what viable energy alternatives do we have?”.

    Solomon also wrote Feeding the Future, which looks at issues like food safety, conservation, overfishing, and the business of food. It also highlights how leaders could implement globalization in a way that benefits everyone.

    Evan Solomon Speaking Videos

    Russia’s ambassador: “I'm a patriot of my country, and I stand with my president"
    Evan Solomon breaks down Conservative leadership candidate strategies

    Evan Solomon Keynote Topics

    Evan Solomon has covered Canadian and global politics for more than 25 years and has a deep insight into the economic, social, and technological impact of political forces at play today, and what they mean for our future. Solomon not only provides an overview of what’s happening today, but also the events to watch for that will soon be driving politics.

    As part of the Ingenuity Project — a dynamic series that gathers the best and brightest minds to generate solutions to the most pressing issues of our time — Evan Solomon co-edited the bestselling book, Fueling the Future: How the Battle over Energy is Changing Everything.

    This book brought together the world’s leading energy thinkers to apply their ingenuity to pressing questions such as: What happens when we run out of oil? What new energy technologies are available? Will hydrogen and the fuel cell be the next great revolution? Who are the current innovators and how can we implement their ideas?

    In this keynote, Solomon draws on the ideas and solutions presented in his bestselling book, as well as real-world events, to explore the energy crisis, how we got here, and what we can do about it.

    As the co-founder of Shift magazine, a publication devoted to technology and culture; host of CBC’s FutureWorld; and host of the PBS series, Masters of Technology, Evan Solomon has spent decades following the impact of technology on change, politics, and culture. He shares his insights into the technological trends to watch and how they’re re-shaping our world as we know it.

    As part of the Ingenuity Project — a dynamic series that gathers the best and brightest minds to generate solutions to the most pressing issues of our time — Evan Solomon co-edited the bestselling book, Feeding the Future: From Fat to Famine, How to Solve the World’s Food Crises.

    This book brings together leading thinkers on food to explore ingenious, practical solutions to the world’s pressing food crises. In this thought-provoking keynote, Solomon walks through their examples of ingenuity that encompass emerging technologies, business models for sustainable food production, and solutions to the world’s obesity epidemic.

    Audiences will leave informed and inspired to explore innovative solutions to today’s most pressing issues.

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