Leadership Speaker Garry Ridge

Garry Ridge

Former CEO of WD-40 Company. World-Renowned Expert in Creating Top Organizational Culture

WD-40’s products are ubiquitous in many countries, but the company’s success has not bred complacency. That’s because former CEO Garry Ridge has put the WD-40 Company on a footing of community and servant leadership. Events that champion improved performance through employee engagement and corporate culture are highlighted perfectly by Ridge’s stirring keynote addresses.

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    Garry Ridge biography

    Business speaker Garry Ridge is a celebrated consultant and executive coach who re-imagined the WD-40 Company’s culture as its former CEO. An unforgettable public speaker, Garry Ridge helps audiences around the world recast leadership in a powerful new light.

    Garry Ridge is one of the world’s most successful proponents of servant leadership. As former CEO of the WD-40 Company, he transformed a traditional workplace into what he calls the WD-40 tribe. Leaders, according to Ridge, must learn constantly, and must share that knowledge freely with the rest of the workforce. Leadership, then, is less about being in charge and more about taking care of the people in your charge.

    As a result, WD-40 enjoys a remarkable 93% level of employee engagement. The company’s bottom line has prospered as well, posting an annual compounded growth rate of roughly 14%.

    Simon Sinek named Ridge the Igniter of the Year in 2016, and Inc. honored him as the fourth-best CEO on earth.

    Ridge tells the complete story of his success in 2020’s Tribe Culture: How it Shaped WD-40 Company. Along with Ken Blanchard, he also wrote the groundbreaking business bestseller Helping People Win at Work. His achievements have been featured in several books, including Marshall Goldsmith and Frances Hesselbein’s landmark Work is Love Made Visible.

    Teaching is central to Ridge’s conception of leadership. Additionally, he is an adjunct professor at the University of San Diego and a certified executive coach. His devotion to learning all he can and relating his knowledge engagingly and memorably shines through in his keynote addresses.

    Garry Ridge Speaking Videos

    Helping People Win At Work: WD-40 Tribal Leadership with Garry Ridge
    Garry Ridge - A Powerful Pledge That Spreads Accountability in the Workplace

    Garry Ridge Keynote Topics

    "At WD-40 we do not make mistakes, either we win or we learn. We want to enhance learning moments." This quote from Garry Ridge about the company he has been CEO of since 1997, WD-40 Company, perfectly summarizes the power of the Moment of Learning culture. In this keynote speech Garry will teach the audience the benefits that this culture brings to companies that implement it. Audiences will also walk away with a deeper understanding about the best ways to apply this culture in the company so that workers follow it and are aware of its benefits while increasing their commitment and engagement.

    Chosen in 2017 as one of the Top 10 Global CEOs, Garry Ridge is arguably an outstanding leader. Among his most important achievements is being the CEO of the WD-40 Company since 1997, and during this time he managed to multiply the market value of the company by six, from 250 million dollars to $1.6 billion. In this keynote speech he will talk about the 10 key elements for effective leadership.

    Currently in most companies in the world, 70% of the people who work in them do not feel engaged. They do not feel aligned with their values, vision or objectives. What are they doing wrong? Is it the companies or the people that cause it? In this speech by one of the leading company culture leaders, Garry Ridge, CEO of the WD-40 company, one of the companies with the highest index of committed employees in the world, he will explain step by step how they have managed to create a tribal culture in the company, detailing what changes they applied in the way they treat and communicate with their employees. In addition, it will also share the benefits it provides for both employees and the company.

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