Cybersecurity Speaker Geoff White

Geoff White

Channel 4 News & BBC Investigative Journalist; Technology specialist; Expert in Personal Data, Digital Security & Dark Web

Creator of The Lazarus Heist's podcast series, which ranked #1 in the United Kingdom Apple chart. Speaker Geoff White won several awards for his work on the hacking of TalkTalk and conducted an experiment called Data Baby to show how personal data is abused on the internet. Organizations book Geoff White to learn about cybersecurity, how cybercriminals steal billions of dollars, and understand North Korea's cyberwar.

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    Geoff White biography

    Cybersecurity speaker Geoff White is a leader in technology and works for Channel 4 News, the BBC, The Sunday Times, and more. His 20-year-long career has enabled him to gain knowledge in the dark web, election hacking,  cybercrime, and the personal data trade.

    In 2020, he wrote Crime Dot Com, which inspired the BBC World Service to create The Lazarus Heist’s podcast series. The podcast ranked #1 in the United Kingdom Apple chart, and it also reached the top 7 in the United States. Season 2 of the podcast will come out later in 2022. Speaker Geoff White also wrote the book The Lazarus Heist, which analyzes North Korea’s cyberwar.

    Geoff wrote the Dark Web podcast, which talks about the shadow internet the US military created. The podcast has been in the top 10 since 2017. He also wrote Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe? which talks about how AI affects our daily lives.

    Geoff also runs a podcast about investigative journalist.In addition, he is a famous speaker who talks at leading tech events in the United Kingdom.Furthermore, he co-created a live phone hacking stage performance called The Secret Life of Your Mobile Phone. The performance highlights how companies use the data that leaks from our handset. 

    Geoff won several awards for his work on the hacking of TalkTalk. He also conducted an experiment called Data Baby to show how personal data is abused on the internet. 

    Geoff White Speaking Videos

    Geoff White - How to Steal a Billion Dollars
    Geoff White on Lessons Learned from Most Recent Cybercrime Investigations

    Geoff White Keynote Topics

    In this talk, Geoff White delves into the shadowy world of cybercrime, exploring how these digital thieves operate and the billions of dollars they manage to steal each year. Through a series of real-life examples and case studies, White illustrates the various tactics and techniques that cybercriminals use to commit their crimes, from phishing scams and malware attacks to ransomware and money laundering. He also discusses the impact of these crimes on individuals, businesses, and society as a whole, and offers insights into what can be done to prevent and combat cybercrime.

    Geoff White, an award-winning journalist, explores the world of the Lazarus Group, a group of hackers believed to be working for the North Korean government. The group is accused of stealing over $1 billion through a series of international cyber attacks on institutions including central banks, Hollywood film studios, and the British National Health Service. In this investigation, White looks at the ways in which the Lazarus Group has used advanced technology to carry out these attacks and further North Korean goals, including threatening democracies, silencing critics of the country, and causing global instability. The investigation takes White from Dhaka to Hollywood to Macau and finally to Pyongyang, as he delves into the secret world of the Lazarus Group, its victims, and those who have tried to stop them.

    In this talk, Geoff White discusses the most current and pressing issues in the field of cybersecurity. He covers a range of topics, including new and emerging threats, the latest technologies and best practices for protecting against cyber attacks, and the role of governments and businesses in safeguarding against cyber threats. White also examines the impact of these trends on individuals and society as a whole, and offers insights into what can be done to stay safe and secure in the digital world. Whether you're a cybersecurity professional or simply looking to stay informed about the latest trends in the field, this talk is sure to provide valuable insights and knowledge.

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