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Greg Clark

Smart City Expert

$20,001 - $40,000
London, UK


Cities and Regions, the next economy, and new development cycle
This speech draw upon Greg’s recent research for OECD, UCLG, and other on what responses cities and regions have made to the economic crisis. Based on detailed research into more than 50 cities it shows how and why cities and regions have been impacted differently and have responses differently.
The Business of Cities
This speech addresses why and how cities have become important emerging markets for companies, how companies can develop long term trusted relationships with cities, and what the benefits will be.
What Are Cities Learning From Global Businesses?
It is often said that cities are in business. This speech looks at how far the experience of cities is like that of businesses and what is being learned by the world’s global cities from world’s global companies.
Why city and regional strategies fail and how to put them right
This speech identifies the key reasons that city and regional strategies fail and shows how strategies can be formulated with a greater chance of success. The speech is based on research into more than 100 strategies that have been developed but not successfully implemented.
Capital cities and economic development
This speech looks at the development potential of capital cities. It starts with London, Edinburgh, Ottawa, Canberra, Helsinki, Washington DC, Pretoria, and Athens and develops a case for capital city development strategies which are distinctive and based on the assets that capital city functions provide.



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