Business speaker Haiyan Wang

Haiyan Wang

Global Business Strategist and Managing Partner at the China India Institute; Author

Speaker Haiyan Wang is a globally recognized management thinker and Managing Partner at the China India Institute, renowned for her expertise in the rise of emerging markets, especially China and India. She has contributed significantly to top-tier publications and conferences, offering deep insights into global business trends. Her extensive experience includes over two decades in multinational business operations and leadership roles in international strategy and economic analysis.

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    Haiyan Wang biography

    Speaker Haiyan Wang, a renowned global management thinker, serves as the managing partner at the China India Institute. This prestigious organization specializes in analyzing the dynamic growth of emerging markets, particularly China and India, and their global impact. Her insights have earned her a high ranking (#28) on Thinkers50, recognizing her as one of the world’s top management thinkers.

    An accomplished author, Haiyan has co-authored three critically acclaimed books: “The Silk Road Rediscovered,” “Getting China and India Right” (winner of the Silver Prize at the 2009 Axiom Book Awards), and the second edition of “The Quest for Global Dominance.” Her expertise is regularly sought in leading publications, including the Harvard Business Review and Bloomberg Businessweek, where she has contributed as a columnist.

    Haiyan’s thought leadership extends to her contributions in top-tier media like The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Wired, and The Economic Times. She has been a familiar face on major business networks such as CNBC, Fox Business, and CNN, sharing her insights on global trends and strategies.

    Speaker Haiyan Wang

    With a rich background in international business, particularly following China’s economic reforms, Haiyan has published numerous papers on China’s trade developments. Her early work in the mid-1980s includes contributions to Chinese journals like International Business and International Trade Tribune. Prior to co-founding the China India Institute in 2007, Haiyan garnered over two decades of experience in managing multinational operations in China and the United States across various sectors.

    A sought-after speaker, Haiyan Wang has graced stages at prominent events like Summer Davos, The Economist conferences, and TEDx talks, sharing her profound understanding of global dynamics. Her role as an Adjunct Professor of Strategy at INSEAD further cements her status as a leading figure in global business strategy.

    Haiyan Wang’s journey, from being one of the first Chinese scholars in international business to a pivotal voice in understanding Asia’s growing influence in the global market, makes her an invaluable resource for businesses navigating the complexities of the modern economic landscape.

    Haiyan Wang Speaking Videos

    Haiyan Wang - Balancing sustainability and growth
    Haiyan Wang on the latest developments in the US-China trade talks

    Haiyan Wang Keynote Topics

    China is undergoing a transformative phase, marked by changes in its domestic landscape, international role, and relationships with key Western nations. The nation's economic growth is expected to decelerate, yet it is poised to elevate the average citizen's wealth, bringing China closer to high-income country status. An aging population presents both challenges, like increased healthcare costs, and opportunities, such as the adoption of advanced technologies including telehealth and automation. The Chinese government's commitment to sustainability is leading to a greener country through energy conservation and renewable energy initiatives. Furthermore, China's technological advancements, particularly in AI, telecommunications, and aerospace, are significant. However, China must also manage escalating tensions with major Western countries, particularly the USA. In her presentation, Haiyan Wang will delve into these developments and their repercussions for global businesses and investors.

    The current discourse among analysts and media experts, including those from prominent global outlets, is filled with assertions about globalization coming to an end. This perspective is similar to hypothetically concluding in 2000, based on the decline in film camera sales, that photography was dying. Such views overlook the fundamental concept of globalization, which encompasses the interconnectedness of nations through various means like trade in goods and services, capital flows, and data exchange. What we are witnessing, and have been for the past three decades, is a transition from traditional globalization, primarily reliant on the trade of physical goods, to a new era. According to Haiyan Wang, this new era is characterized by the burgeoning influence of 'digital' globalization. This modern form of globalization is not only more potent but is also contributing more significantly to the global GDP compared to its predecessor. Wang further explores the impact of this digital globalization on businesses and investors.

    Asia's ascent to a central position in the global economy is set to be a major transformative force in the 21st century. Currently, Asia contributes approximately 35% to the world's GDP, surpassing the individual shares of both the U.S. and Europe, which are each below a quarter. With Asia's growth rate outpacing these continents, it is projected that by 2030, Asia’s GDP will equal the combined GDPs of the U.S. and Europe. The influence of Asia on the global economic landscape is multifaceted: it's not only emerging as a vast market but is also becoming a pivotal hub for global research and development, a significant source of capital, and a launching pad for new global industry leaders.

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