AI speaker Henry Ajder

Henry Ajder

Expert Advisor and Broadcaster Specialising in Generative AI, Deepfakes and Immersive Technologies

Henry Ajder is a renowned authority on generative AI, deepfakes, and synthetic media. His groundbreaking studies at prominent institutions have shaped global AI perspectives and regulations. With notable roles at institutions like MIT and The University of Cambridge, he has advised top entities like Meta and the BBC, further establishing his expertise through keynotes worldwide.

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    Henry Ajder biography

    Speaker Henry Ajder has wide recognition as an authority and consultant on generative AI, deepfakes, and the evolving synthetic media landscape.

    Identified as the inaugural “GenAI Cartographer”, Henry’s contributions have reshaped our comprehension of generative AI. He has directed groundbreaking studies at institutions like MIT, The Partnership on AI, and Sensity AI, steering both global regulations and business AI agendas.

    Henry provides guidance to premier global entities on the vast potential and challenges of AI and generative tools. He has been working with clients such as Meta, Adobe, BBC, and the UK Government. He also serves in a guest research role focusing on generative AI and ethical AI practices at The University of Cambridge’s Jesus College.

    Speaker Henry Ajder was the host of the BBC series, The Future Will be Synthesised, marking the BBC’s initial venture into dissecting the generative transformation. He remains an active voice in the global news circuit. He shares insights with platforms like CNN, MIT Technology Review, Bloomberg, and also The New York Times.

    A seasoned speaker, panel member, and moderator, Henry has taken the stage at global platforms including SXSW, CogX, and Adweek. Prominent bodies such as The Economist, The UK Houses of Parliament, and The University of Oxford have sought him out for insights on AI’s current landscape.

    In the past, Henry steered generative AI investigations at the pioneering deepfake detection enterprise, Deeptrace. He has penned multiple analyses and summaries on deepfakes and generative AI, notably the influential 2019 State of Deepfakes report. In his role as Policy Chief at Metaphysic AI, he founded Synthetic Futures, the premier multi-sector initiative committed to ethical generative AI practices.

    Henry Ajder Speaking Videos

    Henry Ajder - Generative AI
    Generative AI Predictions

    Henry Ajder Keynote Topics

    Henry Ajder delves into the ethical challenges and considerations AI presents, advocating for a future where technology serves humanity responsibly.

    Join Henry Ajder as he explores the transformative potential of generative AI in the business realm, highlighting its game-changing applications and strategies.

    Henry Ajder sheds light on the looming dangers of deepfakes in our digital era, from cyber vulnerabilities to political disinformation, and outlines proactive countermeasures.

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