Finance Speaker Ian Goldin

Ian Goldin

Former Vice President and Head of Policy, World Bank and former policy advisor to Nelson Mandela

Speaker Ian Goldin is one of the world’s most experienced and influential thinkers on globalization and sustainable development. As a researcher, World Bank executive, presidential advisor, and author, Goldin’s background is unmatched in depth and scope. Events with a global outlook find their ideal centerpieces in Goldin’s stirring and enlightening keynote addresses.

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    Ian Goldin biography

    Finance speaker Ian Goldin is one of the world’s leading authorities on globalization, its promise, and its risks.

    Ian Goldin is Professor of Globalisation and Development at the University of Oxford and a Professorial Fellow at Balliol College. He joined Oxford in 2006 as the founding director of the Oxford Martin School, which tackles challenges of global significance. Goldin continues to lead the school’s research programs on technical and economic change, and the future of work and development.

    Prior to Oxford, Goldin served as the World Bank’s Director of Policy and then as its Vice President. In these roles, he drew on his experience as Chief Executive of the Development Bank of South Africa. During Nelson Mandela’s tenure as president, Goldin served as one of his most trusted economic advisors.

    Goldin is the author of more than 20 influential books, including 2021’s Rescue: From Global Crisis to a Better World. Francis Fukuyama called Terra Incognita: 100 Maps to Survive the Next 100 Years  “a stunning account of our fast-changing world.” Development: A Very Short Introduction was hailed by the President of the British Academy as “a splendid achievement.” Goldin also wrote and presented the BBC series After the Crash and The Impact of Artificial Intelligence.

    For more than 20 years, he has delivered keynote addresses at the WEF’s meetings in Davos, Switzerland. As a speaker, Ian Goldin has delivered lectures at Oxford, Harvard, and other leading universities, and at forums including Google Zeitgeist, TED, and the Microsoft CEO forum. He also leads strategy sessions for the boards of major corporations and advises governments and global companies.

    Goldin earned his BA and BSc from the University of Cape Town, an MSc from the London School of  Economics, and an MA and DPhil from Oxford.

    Ian Goldin Speaking Videos

    Ian Goldin - Development: A Very Short Introduction
    Ian Goldin - A Brief History of Industrial Revolutions

    Ian Goldin Keynote Topics

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought our globalized world to a grinding halt. Borders have closed, supply chains have vanished into thin air, and the future of multilateral institutions like the WHO, and supranational organizations like the European Union, seem to hang in the balance. Supporters of globalization believe that the solutions to the pandemic - whether they be economic, public health or foreign aid - lie not in deglobalization but in fostering a more interconnected and inclusive world. Only through increased global cooperation can we overcome the daunting challenges that lie ahead. Critics of globalization say that the pandemic has exposed the shaky foundations of our hyperconnected world. They argue that that the system that failed to deliver critical health supplies in the crunch, is also a system that benefits the 1% and multinationals at the expense of economic equality, the environment, and democratic institutions.

    Ian Goldin has a unique insight into the future. Drawing on the frontiers of research at Oxford and elsewhere, he provides illuminating perspectives on the major changes in society and technology which are likely to take place over coming decades. His presentations focus on the big picture, looking at the implications for businesses, governments and individual choice.

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