Science Speaker Jack Andraka

Jack Andraka

Teen Inventor, Citizen Scientist, STEM Advocate, and Cancer Researcher

A STEM education reform advocate who has been featured on 60 Minutes, CNN, Fox, BBC, and various international magazines and newspapers. Speaker Jack Andraka was only 15 when he came up with a cheap method for detecting ovarian, pancreatic, and lung cancers in their earliest stages. Organizations book Jack Andraka to hear about his inspirational success story, learn about the price of science, and learn about education and innovation.

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    Jack Andraka biography

    Science speaker Jack Andraka was only 15 when he came up with a cheap method for detecting ovarian, pancreatic, and lung cancers in their earliest stages. While still in the ninth year of school education, one of Jack’s close family friends died from pancreatic cancer. This motivated Jack to create a more effective early detection diagnostic test for cancer. He realized that the lack of a quick and cheap early screening method for pancreatic cancer contributed to the low survival rate among those diagnosed with the disease. 

    Jack’s incredible discoveries led him to receive worldwide recognition. In fact, he won the Jefferson Award in 2014, one of the most prestigious public service awards in the US. That same year, speaker Jack Andraka won the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge. In addition, he has won several grants and awards, including the National Geographic Explorer grant.

    In 2013, Michelle Obama invited Andraka to the State of the Union Address. Jack is a STEM education reform advocate who speaks to audiences worldwide about his research and personal story. Many documentaries have highlighted Jack’s story, including “Just Jack” by Linda Peters. He has also been on 60 Minutes, CNN, Fox, BBC, and various international magazines and newspapers.

    Jack speaks at schools, universities, technology companies, hospitals, and several other locations. He is able to captivate both young people and adults who are interested in technology and science. Furthermore, Jack has written an autobiography that has become a best seller. 

    In addition, he studies at Stanford University and has won many math competitions awards.

    Jack Andraka Speaking Videos

    17-Year-Old Cancer Researcher Already Making an Impact
    Jack Andraka – How I Discovered A Test For Pancreatic Cancer

    Jack Andraka Keynote Topics

    Jack Andraka's story is really motivational and inspiring. Saddened after the death of a personal friend due to pancreatic cancer that was not detected in time, young Jack began to read everything he could about that cancer to find a cure to it. He quickly realized that the problem of the high death rate of this cancer was the late detection because the test methods were very expensive. The challenge was clear: he had to find a low-cost method to quickly detect them. And he did it, because Jack is not like other teenagers, Jack has a passion that is only surpassed by his hard work. In this speech, Jack will tell your audience his story, which has earned him awards and recognitions from around the world for his important discoveries.

    When Jack Andraka began his research in the search for methods of a low-cost early detection test for pancreatic cancer, he encountered a major obstacle. Many of the science articles and publications he wanted to read were behind a paywall. Jack believes that in today's world, free or at least less expensive access should be offered so that other innovative young people like him can come up with solutions to global problems. In this speech, in addition to telling his amazing story, Jack will emphasize that aspect and give his vision on free access to quality information.

    In this conference, Jack Andraka will talk about the importance of education in achieving innovation. If Jack didn't have parents who instilled in him the great value of education, and some teachers who encouraged him to fight for his dreams of finding a low-cost pancreatic cancer screening method, he would never have succeeded. In this motivational conference, Jack will tell his story and talk about just how important quality education is for young entrepreneurs to become innovators.

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