Economics Speaker Jean Tirole

Jean Tirole

2014 Nobel Prize in Economics. Chairman, Toulouse School of Economics

Jean Tirole is an esteemed economics speaker, who is the chairman of TSE and the TSE-Partnership's scientific director. He has written extensively on regulation, industrial organization, banking, macroeconomics, and finance, and is the author of several scientific books, including Economics for the Common Good. Tirole has received numerous international awards and honors, including the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2014.

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    Jean Tirole biography

    Economics speaker Jean Tirole is the TSE’s chairman, as well as the TSE-Partnership’s scientific director. In addition to the London Business School, Tirole has received honors from many other universities, including the University of Mannheim, the Université libre de Bruxelles, and the University of Lausanne.

    Speaker Jean Tirole’s research areas include regulation, industrial organization, banking, macroeconomics, as well as finance. Jean has written hundreds of articles on finance and economics and several scientific books.

    One of his first books, The theory of industrial organization, brought together the most up-to-date models of oligopolistic competition. Jean examined a variety of scenarios in which industries are dominated by a small number of businesses with strong market power. He and Oliver Hart presented a study in which they demonstrated that a vertical merger can lead to foreclosure in certain situations. Rochet and Tirole examined the consequences of two-sided markets for competition policy. Tirole and Fudenberg developed a taxonomy of strategic effects in oligopolistic competition models.

    In 2016, he released his book Economics for the Common Good, which he later published in English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and many other languages. Jean has received several international awards and honors throughout his career.

    In 2007, he received the Gold Medal from the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). In 2008, he obtained the Prix du Cercle d’Oc. One year later, he earned an Outstanding Contributions to the Profession Award. In 2010, he earned various other prizes and awards, such as the Tjalling Koopmans Asset Award.

    In 2014, speaker Jean Tirole also received the economic sciences prize by Sveriges Riksbank. Sweden’s central bank created this prize in honor of Alfred Nobel.

    Thanks to his Nobel Prize in Economics achievement in 2014, Jean Tirole is in high demand as an economics speaker.

    Jean Tirole Speaking Videos

    Prof. Jean Tirole - Economics for the Common Good
    Jean Tirole - Lecture: 2014 Prize in Economic Sciences

    Jean Tirole Keynote Topics

    In this keynote speech, Jean Tirole explores the theory of industrial organization, including the latest models of oligopolistic competition. He delves into various scenarios in which industries are dominated by a small number of businesses with strong market power, and discusses the consequences of vertical mergers and two-sided markets for competition policy. Tirole's insights provide valuable information for anyone seeking a better understanding of the economics of industry and competition.

    In this keynote, Nobel Prize-winning economist Jean Tirole explores how economics can contribute to the common good. He offers insights into the role of government and markets in promoting economic growth and social welfare, and how economic theory can be used to address important global issues such as inequality, climate change, and technological disruption. Tirole also discusses the challenges facing policymakers and offers practical solutions for achieving the common good through economic policy.

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