Economics Speaker Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin

Author, Economic and Social Theorist, Advisor to the European Union and Head of State, and President of the Foundation on Economic Trends

Leading social and economic theorist, as well as bestselling author. Speaker Jeremy Rifkin has provided advice for three European Commission presidents and various EU heads of state. Organizations book Jeremy Rifkin to learn about the science of reproductivity, the third industrial revolution, mass employment, digital monopolies, and more.

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    Jeremy Rifkin biography

    Keynote speaker Jeremy Rifkin is a successful social and economic theorist. He wrote 20 bestselling books addressing the economic, demographic, and environmental impacts of scientific and technological developments. The Third Industrial Revolution, The Zero Marginal Cost Society, and The European Dream are only some of his most popular titles.

    Since 2000, Rifkin has guided the EU leadership in their affairs. He has also worked as a personal adviser to three European Commission presidents, as well as to several heads of state inside the European Parliament. Jeremy is the European Union’s primary architect of a three-decade-long Third Industrial Revolution concept and development plan. Such a plan will help Europe become a more sustainable society and economy while being a global trade hub.

    As part of his advisory role, Rifkin is also assisting the Peoples Republic of China’s leadership on the development of the Internet Plus Third Industrial Revolution infrastructure. The purpose of this infrastructure is to establish a sustainable low-carbon economy.

    Rifkin consults with major corporations on a variety of topics, including electricity transmission, renewable energy, and advanced manufacturing. He works with regions, cities, and national governments to put the Internet of Things infrastructure in place. The aim of the infrastructure is to achieve a Third Industrial Revolution as well as a Collaborative Commons.

    Rifkin was also a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania. He educated CEOs and other senior executives on how to transform their companies’ operations into sustainable economies.

    In 2018, Jeremy Rifkin became the Executive Co-Producer of a documentary about the third industrial revolution. This documentary premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. It is now available on YouTube, where it reached over 5.6 million views.

    In 2019, speaker Jeremy Rifkin released The Green New Deal: Why the Fossil Fuel Civilization will Collapse by 2028. Thanks to his work pertaining to climate change, Jeremy received the 2020 German Sustainability Award.

    Jeremy Rifkin Speaking Videos

    Jeremy Rifkin - The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy
    Jeremy Rifkin - The Zero Marginal Cost Society

    Jeremy Rifkin Keynote Topics

    Our worldwide financial system is under immense strain. Predictions from financial experts suggest a worrisome future with two decades of diminishing productivity, sluggish economic expansion, high joblessness, and widening disparities in wealth. This economic hardship is generating rising dissatisfaction with governing bodies and triggering radical political shifts globally. Moreover, after two centuries of industrial endeavors, researchers indicate that climate change is inflicting severe damage on our planet, propelling us toward the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth. What path lies ahead for us in this complex scenario?

    Explore the profound changes brought by the zero marginal cost phenomenon and its role in the emergence of the sharing economy in this in-depth discussion led by Jeremy Rifkin. Rifkin will delve into the nexus of technological innovation and social evolution that has led to this new economic reality, where goods and services can be produced and shared at nearly zero cost. This conversation will provide a critical look at the transformative potential and challenges of the sharing economy.

    As the wave of automation continues to reshape our economic landscape, the nature of work and employment is in a state of flux. Join Jeremy Rifkin as he explores the pressing issues of job displacement and economic restructuring in the face of growing automation. Rifkin will consider the effects of this shift on global labor markets and discuss potential pathways to redefine employment for a sustainable and inclusive future. The session will offer a nuanced view of the Third Industrial Revolution's impacts on our economic policies and educational structures.

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