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Jim Dethmer

The Conscious Leadership Group Co-Founder. Bestselling Author, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

Speaker Jim Dethmer, a founder of The Conscious Leadership Group, is a versatile mentor and author who has guided over 150 CEOs and their teams in adopting conscious leadership principles. He conducts exclusive leadership Forums and is also the co-author of two significant books, one of which, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, is an Amazon bestseller.

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    Jim Dethmer biography

    Leadership speaker Jim Dethmer, one of the founding members of The Conscious Leadership Group. He holds multiple roles as a mentor, public speaker, and author. He has individually engaged with over 150 chief executive officers and their respective teams to infuse the principles of conscious leadership into their companies.

    Additionally, speaker Jim Dethmer organizes monthly Forums dedicated to a selective group of leaders in cities like Chicago and New York. He provides training for coaches via The Conscious Leadership Group. He has been a speaker at a range of events and institutions such as Conscious Capitalism, Wisdom 2.0, Mindful Leadership Summit, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. Also for USC School of Medicine Greenville, which includes conscious leadership as part of its coursework.

    In his literary contributions, Jim holds the distinction of being the co-author of two influential books. High Performing Investment Teams, co-authored by Dethmer, is a guide that offers essential insights on building collaborative, synchronized investment teams. Drawing on years of experience, the book delves into the intricacies of transforming individual talent into cohesive team performance and fostering strong investment firm cultures. The work is highly recommended for investment firms aiming for world-class collaboration and sustainable success.

    Above all, he’s the author of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, an Amazon bestseller. In it, Dethmer fundamentally transforms the concept of leadership, advocating for a shift from fear-based to trust-based paradigms. By practicing these commitments, leaders will not only enhance their personal energy, clarity, and focus, but also cultivate more collaborative, creative, and engaged teams, thereby fostering environments of continuous growth, innovation, and sustainable success.

    When not immersed in his work, Jim resides in Chicago with his spouse, Debbie. They retreat to Michigan, which they consider their spiritual sanctuary, to rejuvenate during the summer.

    Jim Dethmer Speaking Videos

    Jim Dethmer — How to Shift from Victim Consciousness, Reduce Drama, Be Fully Alive
    Jim Dethmer - Impeccable Agreements for High Quality Cultures

    Jim Dethmer Keynote Topics

    In this keynote, Jim Dethmer takes audiences on an enlightening journey through the mind of a conscious leader. He unravels the critical importance of four central questions that every conscious leader should consistently ask. Attendees will discover how these simple, yet profound, questions can initiate transformative change, foster growth, and elevate leadership impact.

    Jim Dethmer demystifies the process of building a culture imbued with emotional intelligence. Drawing upon years of experience, he provides actionable insights on fostering an environment where empathy and emotional understanding take center stage. Attendees will learn practical strategies to enhance emotional intelligence within their organizations, leading to stronger, more productive, and more engaged teams.

    Jim Dethmer explores the profound influence that genuine appreciation can have on team morale, engagement, and performance. Audience members will learn how to harness the power of appreciation, effectively creating a positive and empowering work environment where everyone feels valued.

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