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Joe Weinman

Bestselling Author of Cloudonomics & Digital Disciplines. Thought Leader & Digital Strategist on Cloud Computing and Big Data

A leader in IT and telecom, as well as a digital strategist. Speaker Joe Weinman created Cloudonomics, a method for analyzing the multi-dimensional benefits of cloud computing and other on-demand, pay-per-use business models using behavioral economics, economics, calculus, statistics, simulation, computational complexity theory, and system dynamics. Organizations book Joe Weinman to learn about cloudonomics and digital disciplines to attain market leadership via big data, the cloud, mobile, social, and the internet of things.

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    Joe Weinman biography

    Big data speaker Joe Weinman is a leader in IT and telecom, as well as a digital strategist. Joe wrote Digital Disciplines: Attaining Market Leadership via the Cloud, Big Data, Social, Mobile, and the Internet of Things. His work made it to the Amazon #1 Hot New Release list of Computers and Technology books.

    Furthermore, speaker Joe Weinman wrote Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing. This book is also available in Chinese.

    Joe has vast knowledge and experience in everything related to the cloud. In fact, he serves as IEEE Cloud Computing magazine’s editor. Business Week, The New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Wired, CIO, and CNN Money have all published his articles. Moreover, Joe’s technical pieces were featured on Computing Edge, InformationWeek, Business Communications Review, BillingOSS Magazine, and many more.

    He has extensive experience as an industry executive, having held positions in innovation, corporate strategy, product management, business development, sales, operations, and research and development.

    Joe Weinman obtained 22 US and global patents in several types of technologies, including distributed computing and cloud. He also received patents for pseudoternary line coding, storage, consumer goods, simulation and workflow, telecommunications, wireline and wireless technologies, homomorphic encryption, and web search algorithms.

    Joe has been on US, Asian, and European television. In addition, he often appears in global newspapers, magazines, and online media. Furthermore, he appears in videos and podcasts, including The Street and The New York Times Timescast.

    Joe created Cloudonomics, a method for analyzing the multi-dimensional benefits of cloud computing and other on-demand, pay-per-use business models using behavioral economics, economics, calculus, statistics, simulation, computational complexity theory, and system dynamics. Furthermore, Joe is the IEEE Intercloud Testbed executive committee’s founding chair.

    He received a few awards, such as the Distinguished Speaker Award and the Patent Achievement Award.

    Joe Weinman Speaking Videos

    Joe Weinman - Cloudonomics: The Business Value of the Cloud
    Joe Weinman - Digital Disciplines: Attaining Market Leadership With Better Technology Strategies

    Joe Weinman Keynote Topics

    How does Information Technology enable competitive advantage? In this keynote, Joe Weinman, an IT executive with over 22 international patents and global expert on IoT, cloud computing, big data and more, will talk about the Digital Disciplines - as described in his bestseller - and will detail the 4 strategies that can exploit today's digital technologies to create unparalleled customer value.

    Joe will explain in layman's terms, without using technical language, the blueprints that any company - big or small - can use to gain or retain market leadership, based on what digital giants such as Netflix, Uber or Amazon; established Fortune 500 firms like GE, Nike or P&G; and even lesser-known disruptors such as Opower, Fruition Sciences and Alvio are doing nowadays.

    Audiences will walk away with an action plan to develop a competitive edge through the 4 digital disciplines: information excellence, solution leadership, collective intimacy and accelerated innovation. They will learn how to exploit exponential technologies such as cloud computing, big data and analytics, mobile and wireline networks, social media and IoT.

    In this keynote by bestselling author and cloud computing expert, Joe Weinman, who has over 22 international patents, Joe will provide the ultimate guide to assessing and exploiting the customer value and revenue potential of the Cloud - a new business model that is sweeping the world.

    With every new technology there is always a great deal of fear, uncertainty and doubts and cloud computing certainly doesn't escape that. Based on his bestseller "Cloudonomics", Joe will radically upend the conventional wisdom and explain your audience in a clear and understandable way how Cloud computing can create exceptional value - whether you are a customer, provider, strategist or investor.

    In this keynote, he will cover everything what needs to be considered for the delivery of business solutions, opportunities and customer satisfaction through the Cloud, so that it can put to work for your business immediately. He will also put his focus on when to avoid the cloud, and why.

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