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John Boudreau

Award-Winning Scientist, Futurist, and Thought Leader

One of the world's top evidence-based visionaries on the future of work and organization. Speaker John Boudreau is widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of leadership, human capital, and sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations book John Boudreau to learn about HR as a leader in emerging trends, the future of work and HR, and achieving excellence in strategic HR.

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    John Boudreau biography

    HR speaker John Boudreau is one of the world’s top evidence-based visionaries on the future of work and organization. He has become a pioneer in the field of leadership, human capital, and sustainable competitive advantage. 

     Using a combination of large-scale and specific field research, he examines a wide range of issues pertaining to the future of work and everything HR-related. This includes decision-based HR, HR measurement and analytics, HR information systems, executive mobility, and organizational development and staffing.

    Over the course of his career, Dr. Boudreau has authored over 10 books and more than 200 publications. In addition to the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review, his work has appeared in Business Week and Fortune.

    Speaker John Boudreau also teaches at the Marshall School of Business. As a strategic advisor and facilitator of executive development, Dr. Boudreau works with companies all over the world to help them better prepare for the future of work and organizational change. In addition to early-stage enterprises and multinational corporations, he serves as a strategic advisor to government and military agencies, as well as non-profits.

    In 2013, Dr. Boudreau obtained the Michael Losey award due to his contributions to improving the human resource profession. Furthermore, he was Sun Microsystems’ first Visiting Director of their Human Capital lab. In 2018, John Boudreau received the Heneman Career Achievement Award.

    Dr. Boudreau received several other awards thanks to his HR contributions. The awards include the 2009 Chairman’s Award from IHRIM.

    John Boudreau Speaking Videos

    on reinventing jobs and applying automation to work
    HR Researcher Dr. John Boudreau Shares Major Findings on Artificial Intelligence and Automation

    John Boudreau Keynote Topics

    What will work look like in the future? The disruptions of 2020 and 2021 have accelerated the evolution of the very definition of work, and its role in organizations, society and workers’ lives, opportunities and well-being. Work is “melting” and being deconstructed. The work ecosystem is more boundary-less, beyond the traditional organization. Careers are being redefined as more diverse, boundless and reflecting lifelong learning and the 100-year life. Combinations of human and automated work perpetually change. This future holds a paradox in that it can produce a future that is more empowering and inclusive, but it can also be used in ways that are exploitive and less inclusive.

    This keynote draws upon research with over 200 HR leaders in 30 global organizations, and examines HR’s current role, and its future role, in exploiting emerging trends for talent excellence. The trends include Big Data, Segmentation, Diversity, Sustainability, Gamification and others. The keynote shows practical applications from today’s leading organizations, and also looks beyond today, to show the emerging issues that offer great potential for future HR contributions. It includes examples from organizations including Starbucks, IBM, McDonald’s in the UK and others, as well as references to classic literature and even mindfulness.

    This work reflects an investigation, with Ian Ziskin, former CHRO of Northrop Grumman, of the trends shaping the future of HR, and their likely implications for the HR profession, the role of HR professionals, and the issues that will define the HR discipline. In an article published in the journal Organizational Dynamics (part of a special issue on the future of HR co-edited by Boudreau), John and Ian highlight the need to look beyond the HR function to the issues that define effective organizations in a dynamic future environment. Implications include HR’s need to master such things as collective leadership, agile co-creativity, segmentation, redefined professional boundaries, and fatigue versus sustainability.

    Data from a unique survey conducted every three years (the next wave to be published in 2018) reveals the trends in HR’s strategic role, effectiveness, structure, strategy, roles, measures and decision support systems can be determined. Key messages include what HR elements are related to HR and organizational effectiveness, what has and has not changed over time in the HR function, and what contributes to HR’s strategic role.

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