Cryptocurrency Speaker Jon Matonis

Jon Matonis

Founding Board Director, Bitcoin Foundation Former CEO of Hushmail and Chief Forex Dealer at VISA

An expert in e-Money as well as a payments executive. Speaker Jon Matonis has also worked with mobile money issuers, financial regulatory agencies, information security companies, internet gaming operators, gold investors, hedge funds, and family groups. Organizations book Jon Matonis to learn about why bitcoin will continue to grow, the role of digital payment, innovation, and the future of commerce.

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    Jon Matonis biography

    Keynote speaker Jon Matonis has been Cyberpunk Holdings director since 2018. He is an expert in e-Money as well as a payments executive. Jon’s goal is to make nonpolitical digital currencies more popular.

    As a board advisor, Jon has provided guidance to startups in the fields of cryptography and bitcoin. He has also advised startups in mobile, gaming, and prepaid. Sumitomo Bank, VeriSign, VISA, and Hushmail are just a few of the companies where he has held senior positions.

    At present, speaker Jon Matonis provides electronic money consulting services to businesses that operate with alternative currency programs, compliance, bitcoin processing, monetization strategies, jurisdiction selection, virtual currency platforms, risk management. As the founding director of Bitcoin Foundation, he was responsible for promoting Bitcoin around the world and giving financial compensation to volunteer protocol code developers.

    As well as serving as a consultant, Jon Matonis is the Editor of The Monetary Future. This is a popular blog on economics that talks about cryptography, free banking, and digital currency. The London School of Economics and Dow Jones have both published Jon’s digital cash research.

    One of the world’s leading financial institutions, the Federal Reserve, has heard Jon speak about Bitcoin and its many facets. Several of the world’s top banks have all heard his speeches too. Jon has also worked with mobile money issuers,  financial regulatory agencies, information security companies, internet gaming operators, gold investors, hedge funds, and family groups, tailoring his speech to each client’s specific needs.

    In 1985, Matonis graduated from George Washington University with a B.A. in Economics. Additionally, he took economics and computer software engineering at the University of Maryland.

    Jon Matonis Speaking Videos

    Jon Matonis - Cryptocurrencies and the Post-Legal Tender Age
    Jon Matonis – Bitcoin – The future of ecommerce?

    Jon Matonis Keynote Topics

    Bitcoin has been and continues to be the most important digital currency on the planet, this is due to an innovative structure and its future finite number of coins, something that makes them have a fairly stable value beyond the speculation of the markets. In this conference by one of the great specialists in Bitcoin, Jon Matonis, we will see what have been the determining factors that have made this currency so famous and also why digital currencies are non-political units. Besides that we will have the opportunity to see uses and improvements that Bitcoin could bring to a specific sector and why its future is so promising.

    Not all countries have treated digital currencies in the same way and this has made their market penetration rate be very different. These differences between countries are mainly due to the validity, or not, of these new monetary units, due to the fear that digital currencies will overshadow their own currency in the near future.
    In this conference, the digital currency specialist consultant, Joan Matonis, will tell us about the main differences that exist between countries when it comes to dealing with digital currencies and how they can affect or help businesses that want to implement them in their daily use.

    Even though it is the best known digital currency, most companies do not yet know all the opportunities and benefits that working with Bitcoin can bring them. That is why the short-term growth potential of this currency is so high and its acceptance by more companies around the world will not stop growing. In this conference, Jon Matonis, founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation will detail us which are the competitive advantages that Bitcoin offers compared to other digital currencies and, more importantly, over physical currencies. We will also be able to see where Bitcoin is headed in the near future and how we can take advantage of it.

    Until relatively recent times, digital payment alternatives were very scarce because the types of currencies in circulation were limited and the agents who had access to them and could operate with them were also limited. All this changed thanks to the introduction of digital currencies and their payment and asset transfer systems, which did not count on the intervention of these agents and which opened a new paradigm for digital payments. In this conference, Jon Matonis, one of the great experts in alternative digital payment tools, will show us what possibilities are currently on the market for companies and what advantages and disadvantages each one offers for the company and its sector.

    The change that the appearance of digital currency has brought to the world is comparable to other great changes such as the appearance of the telephone or the Internet. This is due to the fact that this currencies has not appeared alone but is accompanied by a whole technology and processes that have not been seen before and allows the evolution of current models to levels we were not believed possible. In this conference, the specialist in new technologies related to digital currency, Jon Matonis, will discover the key points of this unleashed innovation that has been happening and will show its impact on the sectors of interest.

    The known applications of digital currencies are many, but the possibilities they open for companies to use them in their day-to-day work are even greater. In this conference, the consultant of successful sartups, Jon Matonis, will reveal the future of commerce and how companies will be able to implement new methods of production, material selection or product identification thanks to the adoption of digital currencies in their business strategy, manufacturing and shipping processes. All of these options will shape the future of commerce as we currently know.

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